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November 2014


I had a Talbot Horizon which was very comfortable, reasonably quick with the Simca derived 1.3 litre engine which readily accepted a twin choke Weber carburettor complementing the 5 speed gearbox. It was however a total rot box and disintegrated around me. Read more

g scoth

a35 the 848cc engine one that I had ,I wish I had kept it and fitted a 1098 cc in Read more


Check how many of Italian made: FIAT-125, FIAT-131, FIAT-132, or French PEUGEOT-504, RENAULT-14 have survived till today (?) Read more


According to Wikipedia: "More than three million 504s were produced in Europe, ending in 1983. Manufacturing continued in Nigeria and Kenya until 2006".


Packed full of features, Infocabs can take bookings, dispatch jobs, track vehicles, manage business contracts and much booking software Read more

John bring back Austin Rover

As an ex owner of four from a 1970 model to the last 1979 model, I fully agree it was a far better car than many folk would admit. So much better than any of my father's Ford Cortinas mark's 1-5.
So many of us previous Maxi owners went on to buy several while they were in production for a decent period. Read more

Derek Wonnacott

I totally agree that it was an excellent car. Five gears when the Cortina 1600E had only four.

I owned 2 of them, both 1750cc. They both took us to Barcelona and back. The second time with our 12 year old daughter. This particular one didn't want to come back. The condenser on the distributor had failed, but fortunately I happened to have a spare on board.

Really fond memories of them. Had they only had the funds to develop the model, that the other companies then copied. The hatchback being the sought after purchase of the future.


I love the Brightwells sales, they always have such an amazing collection of cars, from the sublime (Facel Vega - yes please!) to the ridiculous (Austin Maxi - no thanks) and the catalogue descriptions are really interesting and often quite amusing. A nice change from the stuffy London lot and they get some really good prices too. Read more


I read in the Telegraph that Morgan has started to make the three wheeler again - or did so a number of years ago. Read more

bathtub tom

Nothing wrong with a toothed belt drive.

Harleys use them. There's several kits to convert primary chain drive to belt on 'bikes and there's plenty of them spinning camshafts (I recall seeing a kit to convert BMC 'A' series timing chain to belt)....