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Does Go Compare offer classic car insurance?

Does Go Compare offer classic car insurance?

Need insurance for your cherished classic car? We see if Go Compare are able to help

What kind of insurance does Go Compare offer?

As a price comparison site focused on insurance, Go Compare can deliver a selection of quotes for a wide wariety of requirements including motorbike, van, motorhome, taxi and black box insurance as well as insurance for cars.

However Go Compare says they don’t offer specific classic car insurance; instead they suggest you try their partners at It’s Classic Car Insurance who will be able to help. Also Go Compare don’t offer price comparison for multi-car policies - if you own a classic it is unlikely to be your only car - so although they can quote you for a classic car it will not be a policy that incorporates things like agreed value.

What kind of car qualifies as a classic?

As Go Compare compares a variety of insurance providers, it will be down to the individual insurers that are quoted as to whether they classify your car as a classic. Cars made before 1990 are more likely to receive classic status but younger cars with a cult following or rarity may also fit the bill.

How your car is used can play a bigger part in getting a classic car discount on your policy, as most insurers expect any classic to be used as a second car and cover 5,000 miles a year or less, be kept off the street and not used for commuting.

Go Compare

You can get a quote for your classic from Go Compare by visiting their website and filling in the relevant forms - it'll compare deals from several insurance companies, which means you can choose the best deal for you at whatever time of day that suits.

How do I get a quote from Go Compare?

Go Compare is a web-centric operation so the quickest and easiest way to get yourself a quote is to go straight to the website. You can sign in so that you can keep your quotes stored and refer back to them quickly, and it will save some of your details to save time if you go back for additional quotes.

How much does insurance from Go Compare cost?

As with any insurance quote many factors influence the final figure, particularly with classic car insurance where the valuation of a vehicle can vary on its age and condition. The below examples are based on a limited mileage policy with the recommended excess figure.


1995 VW Corrado VR6


2012 Mazda MX-5 2.0 Sport £10,000

1973 MGB GT V8 £28,000

Lancaster Insurance




Flux Direct




Performance Direct




How do I make a claim?

To make a claim you need to contact your policy provider direct; as Go Compare is the broker they will not be able to assist you with your claim. Check your policy documents at the time of purchase to confirm the contact methods in the event of making a claim.

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