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Does Footman James offer classic car insurance?

Does Footman James offer classic car insurance?

If you’re looking for specialist insurance for your classic car, Footman James may be able to help

What kind of insurance does Footman James offer?

The good news is that Footman James is a specialist insurance broker that covers the niche end of the market; replica and kit cars, competition cars, wedding and funeral hire, and most importantly classic cars and motorcycles.

Established in 1983, Footman James have a great deal of experience in the particular needs of classic car insurance and offer the additional features that classic car owners want from their insurance as well as the ability to tailor a policy to your specific needs.

What kind of classic insurance is available?

Amongst the policies that Footman James offers is FJ+ which allows you to create your own policy from the options that suit your needs. Amongst the options available is agreed value, a drive to work policy, legal protection up to £100,000, track day cover and FJ Rescue breakdown cover provided by the RAC.

Footman James has established links with a number of classic car clubs which offer discounted rates, a multi-car discount is also available and they can also offer cover for high-value vehicles too.

What kind of car qualifies as a classic?

Although Footman James says the basic qualification for classic car insurance is that the car is 20 years old (made before 1998), cars from particular marques or those that qualify for membership of certain owners clubs may also be eligible. The best option is to get in touch with the details of your car and see if they can assist.

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Like almost all insurers these days you can get a quote from Footman James by visiting their website and filling in the relevant forms or you can fill in a ‘call me’ form with some details and a representative will call you back at a convenient time.

Footman James can be contacted on: 0333 2076120

How much does insurance from Footman James cost?

As with any insurance quote many factors influence the final figure, particularly with classic car insurance where the valuation of a vehicle can vary on its age and condition. The below examples are based on a limited mileage policy with the recommended excess figure.


1995 VW Corrado VR6


2012 Mazda MX-5 2.0 Sport £10,000

1973 MGB GT V8 £28,000

45 year old




How do I make a claim?

Footman James has a dedicated helpline specifically set up to serve customers making a claim, with complete details of how to contact them show on the policy documents.

Ask HJ

What's the best way to insure a young driver on a classic car policy?

We're having difficulty finding insurance for my son for a 1970 Ford Mustang Couple, left hand drive, 5.7-litre engine. He's 21 and has been driving for three years. He'll be doing less than a 1000 miles a year in it. Are there any insurance brokers you can recommend that specialise in this area?
Adrian Flux, Heritage and Footman James all have young driver policies - but insuring a young driver on a 5.7-litre Mustang is always going to be a tough ask. You might find it easier and cheaper to get insurance for a classic with a smaller engine.
Answered by Keith Moody
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