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Does Peter Best offer classic car insurance

Does Peter Best offer classic car insurance?

With 30 years of experience as insurance brokers, Peter Best may be the solution to your classic insurance needs 

What kind of insurance does Peter Best offer?

Probably best known as a classic car insurance broker, Peter Best actually offers a broad range of insurance products covering modern cars, household, travel, business insurance and professional indemnity. More importantly though Peter Best can cater for classic cars and motorbikes, as well as classic car collections and specialist schemes to cover younger vehicles. 

What kind of classic insurance is available?

Classic insurance policies offered by Peter Best include foreign travel insurance as standard, covering a period of up to 30 days per trip, and in line with most classic insurance policies they require a limited annual mileage under 5000 miles - although mileages in excess of this can be discussed. 

Agreed value declarations are also a key part of the offering from Peter Best, and require a valuation form to be completed including photographs as well as an independent valuation in some circumstances. Agreed values are also reviewed every three years, ensuring peace of mind for you should the worst happen. 

What kind of car qualifies as a classic?

Peter Best is relatively flexible when it comes to qualification as a classic car, with vehicles made 10 or more years ago potentially qualifying depending on its usage and condition. Vehicles with active car clubs devoted to them or from collectable marques are more likely to qualify, but as always the best option is to contact them to discuss in detail.

How do I get a quote from Peter Best?

The Peter Best website does not have the facility to provide quotes online, although you can fill out a brief web form in order to request a callback for a range of services including obtaining a quote. Alternatively, you can call directly for an instant quote. 

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Like almost all insurers these days you can get a quote from Peter Best Insurance by visiting their website and filling in the relevant forms, but the firm says to get the very best rates you should call them directly and speak to their knowledgeable staff who are well-versed in providing quotes for classic cars. You can even fill in a ‘call me’ form with some details and a representative will call you back at a convenient time.

Peter Best Insurance can be contacted on: 01376 574000

How much does insurance from Peter Best cost?

As with any insurance quote many factors influence the final figure, particularly with classic car insurance where the valuation of a vehicle can vary on its age and condition. The below examples are based on a limited mileage policy with the recommended excess figure. 


1995 VW Corrado VR6


1973 MGB GT V8 £28,000

45 year old




How do I make a claim?

As with most insurers Peter Best recommends making contact by telephone in the event of a claim, via the main contact number. If required a callback can be requested via the web form or by sending an email.

Ask HJ

Why don't classic insurance policies accrue no-claims discounts?

Until recently I have driven exclusively on classic car insurance. Despite never claiming, I have accrued no NCD, as these are not a feature of classic policies. That seemed a reasonable trade-off for the low premiums compared to conventional car insurance. But when I came to insure a modern car last year, I was dismayed that no insurer would give me any NCD, even though they can verify my (no) claims history via their database. Does that strike you as unfair? They can't even argue that my past mileage has been too low, as all my classic policies have either been unlimited or with a high agreed limit.
Yes, it strikes me as unfair. They have all your claims history on their underwriting database. Unfortunately, we have to play by their rules, not ours. Perhaps look at insuring your modern car in an alternative way? Telematics box? Limited mileage?If you're retired, make sure it does not have "to and from a place of work" as this will reduce it dramatically. Use a good broker and not just price comparison sites.
Answered by Tim Kelly
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