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Does MoneySupermarket offer classic car insurance?

Does MoneySupermarket offer classic car insurance?

Need insurance for your cherished classic car? We see if MoneySupermarket are able to help

What kind of insurance does MoneySupermarket offer?

It’s hard to miss MoneySupermarket* thanks to its prominent advertising, but in case you have missed it already it is one of the leading price comparison sites where you can search out deals on financial products, holidays, utilities and insurance, including car insurance.

While the MoneySupermarket website mentions more specialised insurance such as black box and young driver insurance as well as classic car insurance, it is not recognised as broker that specialises in classic car cover. However, because it is a broker and compares a wide variety of insurance providers, MoneySupermarket says you can still get insurance for your classic through them.

What kind of car qualifies as a classic?

As MoneySupermarket compares a variety of insurance providers the definition of a classic is likely to vary between them, but anything that is made before 2000 is now likely to qualify comfortably. What is likely of greater importance is that you ensure the usual classic car policy usage is applied to your quote; that means an annual mileage of under 5,000, use as a second car and secure overnight parking.

How do I get a quote from MoneySupermarket?

It is possible to get a quote from MoneySupermarket* by contacting their call centre directly, but it is much easier and quicker to use the quote engine on the website which delivers a range of quotes in a matter of minutes. It also allows you to save and edit your quotes, so you can adjust things like annual mileage to try and improve the premium and come back to them later.

Money Supermarket  Money Supermarket

You can get a quote for your classic from MoneySupermarket by visiting their website and filling in the relevant forms - it'll compare deals from several insurance companies, which means you can choose the best deal for you at whatever time of day that suits.

How much does insurance from MoneySupermarket cost?

As with any insurance quote many factors influence the final figure, particularly with classic car insurance where the valuation of a vehicle can vary on its age and condition. The below examples are based on a limited mileage policy with the recommended excess figure.


1995 VW Corrado VR6


2012 Mazda MX-5 2.0 Sport £10,000

1973 MGB GT V8 £28,000

Lancaster Insurance




Flux Direct








How do I make a claim?

To make a claim you need to contact your policy provider direct; as MoneySupermarket are the broker they will not be able to assist you with your claim. Check your policy documents at the time of purchase to confirm the contact methods in the event of making a claim.

Ask HJ

Will my insurer penalise me for not telling them about a claim on my classic car insurance policy?

I have a classic car on a specialist insurance policy and a normal car on a standard policy with another company. I had an accident abroad two years ago in the classic resulting in a large repair bill. As it was abroad we could not determine fault (I was stationary). I was informed by the specialist that I need not tell my other insurer about this claim. I have now heard differing opinions and am concerned that I've gone through two renewals without mentioning this to my standard insurer. Firstly was my specialist correct and if not will my standard insurer penalise me for not telling them?
A very good question. And one to which you can make up your own answer, because that is exactly what insurers do. I would agree with your specialist, although insurers will disagree with me. At this point I have to be very careful what advice I give - if an insurer asks you a question and you do not provide correct information or evade it, you could breach the terms and conditions of your policy. When insurers ask you questions, they are very much rhetorical questions to validate a policy. They should already know all of your claims history as it will on their underwriting database. Under the 2015 insurance act and GDPR, insurer's can only ask questions relevant to the sale of the policy they are selling. All questions have to be relevant. What you need to know is "what do they know". The best thing to then do is contact the Motor Insurers' Bureau and request all the information they hold on you. You can do that here You can then decide what your best course of action is in the information you provide.
Answered by Tim Kelly
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