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Hi, seen this is a well respected and used forum so thought to seek some advice on here. I am in the market for a Golf DSG ideally no more than £4000 and I've come across the following. My initial worry was that it had 4 previous owners but let me know what you guys think.

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Don’t touch it. VW DSG automated manual twin clutch transmissions are notoriously fragile especially older examples like this and the Golf of this vintage was never a very robust car. Buy something else instead.

terence gavan

look under door again there is drain holes covered over like thin cellotape Read more



Me and my girlfriend have been looking to buy a camper van for a while and went to view a 1996 Renault Trafic Rimini today. Unfortunately we fell in love with this hen's tooth!... Read more

strange but true

Google reviews of the dealer.
You can find tutorials on you tube how to use the inside.
Motorhomes and caravans should have something called a habitation check.

colin macdonald

hi guys i need an alternator for a granada 2.5 td (peugot engine i believe) it has a vaccuumm pump piggy backing on it and im desperat ,can any one help ,please email

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Lee from Devon

I am sure you might find plenty of alternator repair people, especially if you struggle to find a new replacement alternator, same people might also repair starter motors and dynamos, check out some Granada owner clubs, they are always a great source for hard to find parts for vintage & classic cars,best of luck.

Lee from Devon

I cant believe I have just answered a 17 year old question... what a plum..



I've found out a connector left alone over the right front wheel (please see pictures).... Read more

elekie&a/c doctor

If it’s a 3 pin triangular shape connector, then it could be the engine control diagnostic link . It’s a free lead and doesn’t connect to anything on the engine .


Hello, ive just purchased a 1972 austin 1300 to import to cyprus. I was wondering what oil i should use in it? bearing in mind the high temps here in Cyprus in summer 40 degrees is common in summer with winter around 6 degrees. Any advice welcolm. Read more


Consult an oil grade/temperature chart, but for those temperatures (similar to Taiwan, which can, rarely, go a bit lower in "not summer") I'd seriously consider a straight grade SAE40, which won't get sheared down by the gears like a 20/50 will. I use a 50:50 blend of straight 40 with either 15W40 or 20/50. as a compromise. 20W50 is getting hard to find here in Taiwan but high quality 15W40 is still used by big trucks.

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