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bob haynes

Surely the answer is none as there was never a GT6 convertible only a spitfire produced Read more


GT6 was always a factory "hardtop"

Spit was always a factory "soft top",

Doesn't mean that someone like Crayford couldn't have modified an honest alternative, - but - not origional.

David Dunne

Hi, my grandad passed away and we are looking to sell his pride-and-joy 1970 navy Audi 100 SL, with approx 100,000 miles. He was a mechanic by trade and so everything has been kept to the highest standard, though the car hasn't run for approx 10 years but has been kept inside a garage through this period. Would anyone be able to offer some advice on the best place to try and find a good home for the car? The car is located in Farnham Common, SL2. I'm also posting this message in the other forum area as not entirely sure where I should be posting this! Thank you. David Read more


Hi DD,
Check out -

I suspect you have a rare surviver, so don't rush into selling it, maybe check the auction sites for an estimate.
I have a feeling that a bit of investigation might be beneficial

Try and find another one for sale ?

good luck

Sofa Spud

Prompted by the recent thread about badge snobbery, I was wondering which car design has been subject to the most extensive badge-engineering.

By badge-engineering I mean selling cars of identical or near-identical designs under different brands.

My contender for the most extensively badge-engineered car of all time is that BMC ADO16 - the old 1100/1300.

It was sold as an Austin, Morris, MG, Riley, Vanden Plas and Wolseley. It was also built under licence in Italy by Innocenti.

Interestingly, according to Wikipedia article, the ADO16 was known in Denmark as the Morris Marina, pre-dating the use of that name for the rear-drive Morris Marina announced in the early 1970s.

I guess that the most badge-engineered current production car is the Toyota Aygo / Peugeot 107 / Citroen C1. Platform sharing seems to be more the fashion these days, as with VW / Seat / Skoda.

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Ford Pronto (here in Taiwan) AKA Suzuki Carry (also here, and lots of other places) AKA Bedford/Vauxhall/GM Rascal (UK and bits of Europe) AKA Holden Scurry (Oz. They got the best name, I think)

Other names in various Asian countries, including China. Very complicated, which along with the Suzuki/Ford/GM thing makes it a contender.


Isuzu Trooper
This is it – the most badge-engineered car we can find! The Isuzu Trooper has been sold under 12 other names across its two generations – with different markets receiving different monikers

Raymond Davies

I am currently restoring my late uncles Vauxhall Carlton that's been in storage for many years. The car is in good condition - but i'm looking to protect the chassis. Is this the best paint for bare metal? I've fully stripped and cleaned the chassis underbody last weekend.

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I believe that is an epoxy. Americans swear by it.

I'd think applying it directly to bare metal isn't optimal, and a conventional paint scheme would ivolve something like a zinc-rich primer on first....

Forum Need help

hi everyone, recently sold a Honda Civic in South Carolina and i need deliver it to los angeles, I haven’t come across such a situation,cause I don’t know where it is better to do it, recommend someone please. Read more


Item I have just read about oil for older classic cars and why modern oil appears to be dangerous.

Situated on a site that you would not normally expect to find it on.

The author is writing about the good old US of A, but comments cover GB as well. Read more


Yon link is dead, but I noted that Halfords did a 20W50 "Classic" oil when I was last in the UK. It was SE IIRC, though, which is obsolete and probably unfortunate.. I can see why you wouldn't want to use a recent low-Zinc formulation (although this is doubtful since I've seen it stated that the limits don't apply to the higher viscosity grades like 20W50) I can't see any reason to go as far back as SE, apart from it perhaps being cheaper to manufacture. As is usual, the Halfords stuff didn't state the Zn content on the tin,.so how much you are getting is anybody's guess. As I understand it, the earlier specs had no mandatory limit, but that does not mean they necessarily contain a lot.


Had error code 3 and 4 flashing on dash. This equates to Passenger side front Safety belt pretensioner circuit fault. Purchased a second hand Passenger side front pretensioner from a quality seller on ebay 100% positive feedback.

So disconnected battery and waited 5 minutes (Jaguar manual states 1 minute). Pushed seat back and Removed the two front bolts holding down the front passenger side seat, then pulled seat forward to show back cover covering the 4 front passenger side seat bolts, removed this cover, and then removed these bolts, From front of seat tipped seat backwards to I could see the two pretensioner wire that go into the connector at the front of the seat. then got my new pretensioner out of the box, and compared it to the one I had in my car, I had ordered the wrong colour, my car has a black one, the one I had ordered was sable in colour. So I decided to disconnect the two pretensioner cables from the front connector, just incase there was a faulty connection, did this then put everything back in reverse order. Connected the battery and switched on the ignition. To my amazement the error code changed from 34 to 33, this indicates that the Front drivers side safety belt pretensioner circuit was at fault. So did exactly the same with the front seat, disconnecting the battery and waiting 5 minutes then removing bolts and then discounnecting the two pretensioners from the front connector, put everything back in reverse order. connected the battery again, and to my amazement I did not have any codes flashing, so it was just a loose connection under both seats. Hope this helps some one. Read more


A couple of weks ago I was looking out of a pub window at the two rows of cars in the car park. On the left were four Audis and one Skoda. On the right were three BMWs, one Yaris and one Focus. At least not an MPV nor SUV in sight. Not so many years ago the majority would have been Vauxhall, Ford, Austin, Morris and Rover. Read more


I wonder if the vehicles in an organization vehicle leave now in truth basically mirror a wealthier populace? Such a large number of all the more presently can manage the cost of the better quality vehicles whether it is on the grounds that their manager pays for it or the representative.

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