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Morris Marina 1800, 1971 - How Much is this car worth

I was out bided on this car by what looks like a total time wasting tyre kicker

The car had been on bid for £1,380.00 for quite a while. Then I can and placed my bid of £1,550 five minutes before the auction ended
Then the £1,380.00 went upto £1,400.00 and then up a little bit more and a bit more and so on until it went to £1,550 and then finally £1,600

The original bidder of £1,380.00 had high feed back, but this latest bidder who was out bidding me only had a feed back score of 2

Again it looks to me like a total time waster. but if that time waster had not of bided then I would of won the auction for £1,420.00 not £1,550.00. So if the wining bidder dose not turn up to buy then the seller may offer it to me at my highest rate. But have I over paid for this?

Look at this site

it values the car at £1,600.00 for fair condition

Question, from the add do you think the car is in fair condition and do you think the evaluation is right?



_    on 9 October 2022

I have had that on ebay where the winning bid doesn't pay up and you are offered next chance. I never bite,

biggins and beagle    on 16 October 2022

Yes but did you think the winning bidder was the actual seller them self?

skidpan    on 10 October 2022

We all had to start with a zero rating on ebay and build it up over time. You have no idea what the winning bidders intensions were, I would suggest you wait and see but in reality not winning a 1971 Marina is the best thing you will ever not buy. Rubbish when new, hate to think what its like now.

biggins and beagle    on 16 October 2022

Bit off topic your reply; but I must ask! what is wrong with a 1971 Marrina? I do not know how good or bad it was when it came off of the production line (like how fresh or which farmers field did that tin off heinz baked been come from) But when I test drove it the car before it was last up for auction the car did what it should of done in IMHO

skidpan    on 16 October 2022

Compared to any other new car in 1971 (even other BL efforts) they were truly rubbish. The front suspension dated back the the 1950's Morris Minor and it had little contact with the road. A Mk 1 Ford Escort may have seemed similar in design but it drove like it was from a different planet. Then the Hillman Avenger arrived and IMHO it blew other small/medium British cars away. Suppose it was badly built and the trim was like a Cadburys selection box at Xmas but at least the car had decent suspension and good engines/gearboxes. Later Mk 2 Escorts were better still (loved mine) but they should have been, Ford developed them for almost 13 years.

All BL did was stick an ugly front end on the Marina and call it the Ital, mechanically identical in the 1300, the 1700 that replaced the 1800 in the bigger engined version was a total dog.

I still wonder how BL lived so long.

biggins and beagle    on 17 October 2022

Right its not got the quality part like a merk but do you think they where reliable?

skidpan    on 17 October 2022

The manager and his deputy had Marina's and Ital's in 1975 when I went to work there and they persisted with them to 1985 when I left. They were troublesome its fair to say and dreadful things to ride in. Father in law had one, drove that a few times, horrid.

One thing they all did was rust, badly. From 3 years old it was an annual battle filling holes and patching paint.

It amazes me any survive, its not like they had any redeeming features.

edlithgow    on 17 December 2022

Nice engine, the 1800 B series. You could drop the sump very easily and remove pistons with the engine in the car. I know this because I had to do it when I broke a piston ring. Rest of the car, not so great, though it did the job. I had to redesign/.reconstruct quite a lot of the underbody which rotted out, but then so did everything else in those days. Rear spring hangar went on mine when I no longer had access to welding gear, so it had to go.

Just in case it isn't obvious, the value of a classic car has very little connection with its objective quality. Its determined by what people are prepared to pay for it, and this is largely in turn determined by the fact that they aren't making any more of them.

Edited by edlithgow on 17/12/2022 at 12:43

Ana William    on 26 December 2022

In general, classic cars like the Morris Marina can be quite valuable, particularly if they are in good condition and have been well-maintained.

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