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Chris C

Rover isn't dead - it's just changed its name to Roewe. The 750 = 75 continues in production and the 350 could easily be sold as a modern 45. The 950 and W5, however, do not seem to be true descendants and whether the MG3 and 6/550 have equivalents/exactly suit their marketplace might be more open to question. Read more

Rover, once a symbol of British automotive excellence, captivated car enthusiasts with its innovative designs. However, mismanagement and changing markets led to its decline, marking a bittersweet legacy.
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Peter McGuire

The Diet Coke version is a Ford Tansit Connect. Read more


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FlorenceEliza11>search Read more

Stojan please contact me!

Use super unleaded it doesn’t have ethanol added ?? Read more


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Peugeot 106 66

Is there a classics car workshop in Germany or UK with VAG tools and software known to be good at restoring older models Read more


A useful summary.

I still think mileage should come into it. I do 2000 miles a year in a 2003 mx5 it costs £295 ro the road tax. My neighbour has a 2013 large mercedes and does 20000miles a year. His road tax is a 3rd of mine and i am sure his car pollution is more than created by my mx5. ... Read more

martin ellison

i have 1972 tractor i just tax it free so its on it ---and insurance classic insurance for £5000 value only cost 80 quid a year reg plates on back


The year quoted in the first two paragraphs is presently wrong. I have just tried (February 2016) to register my 2002 tii as historic (registered 10 March 1975) and been refused. To quote from the reply I got from the DVLA: .... legislation was also introduced to exempt vehicles manufactured prior to 1 Jan 1975 from the payment of VED. This came into force on 1 April 2015. The intention from HM Treasury is to introduce a legislative clause every year so that vehicles manufactured 40 years ago will become exempt from VED.

This means your vehicle may become eligible for the historic tax class from the 1 April 2016.... Read more


Hello, what authoring services have you used?


How many gallons to the mile?? Read more



Jia Bachan

It's fantastic to hear that the MG Car Club has opened a new archive centre! This is a wonderful resource for enthusiasts and historians alike, preserving the rich legacy of MG cars. Speaking of exciting developments, if you're looking to relax after exploring the archives, you might want to check out the flixfox apk download. With Flixfox, you can watch a wide array of movies and series, making it the perfect way to unwind. Read more

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