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Had a W12 for a while,a great barge,although even if you could allegedly sit at 155MPH and be as cool as a cucumber inside,they couldn't get the damn engine warning light to go out every time I drove the thing.My local VW 'dealer' could never fix it.Chopped it in for a BMW 540i.Build quality,even.Comfort,even.The interior,advantage VW.Glorious cup holders,REAL wood trim.BMW spent a whopping 50p developing the cup holders,then found some random plastic wood trim and stuck it on the dash.NEVER even used the cup holders,just pressed them weirdly every time a drove it.I appreciate the engineering,don't want to stick a silly 'Latte' or whatever in there.Driving,advantage BMW.Lovely quiet,smooth W12 in the VW, but smoother,quicker,better sounding lovely V8 in the BMW.Both great examples of early German engineering though. Read more

Matthew Dawood Khaghani

There's no way their ever going to become classics. Firstly most if not all of the few remaining are euro 5 diesels which are rapidly becoming obsolete. And they're hideously complex and hard to work on, many jobs requiring removal of the entire drivetrain to complete.

Within the next 5 years I doubt they'll be more than a handful left, sadly.

bob haynes

Surely the answer is none as there was never a GT6 convertible only a spitfire produced Read more


GT6 was always a factory "hardtop"

Spit was always a factory "soft top",

Doesn't mean that someone like Crayford couldn't have modified an honest alternative, - but - not origional.

David Dunne

Hi, my grandad passed away and we are looking to sell his pride-and-joy 1970 navy Audi 100 SL, with approx 100,000 miles. He was a mechanic by trade and so everything has been kept to the highest standard, though the car hasn't run for approx 10 years but has been kept inside a garage through this period. Would anyone be able to offer some advice on the best place to try and find a good home for the car? The car is located in Farnham Common, SL2. I'm also posting this message in the other forum area as not entirely sure where I should be posting this! Thank you. David Read more


Hi DD,
Check out -

I suspect you have a rare surviver, so don't rush into selling it, maybe check the auction sites for an estimate.
I have a feeling that a bit of investigation might be beneficial

Try and find another one for sale ?

good luck

thilo pupak

Still for sale ?
Thilo in Cornwall Read more

John Goodall

Just wondering whether your smart SMX is still up for sale. If so I will make an appointment to view at your earliest convenient moment.


Was the fastest 7 seater MPV since 2001. Read more

andi sadler

God Bless you My Son lol. Yeh there great for trips and touring. Pop the boot, use the 12v socket and laughing. Mines black and done 103k no turbo changes yet, just oil changes. Spark plugs and 2 coil packs since owning. They love to kill Coil Packs and engine gets hot killing rocker cover gaskets. Use sealant as the rocker covers warp as their made from plastic. Basically anyone whos reading this GSI forum. Excellent engine,needs fresh oil so regular changes. Very Reliable.


I prefer "Flipping Bangers" recently aired on the Blaze TV channel.
Real old school mechanics buying and restoring cars for a living. Read more

egg diet plan

That is great you turn it in tidy profits.

Colin McDermott

There is a dedicated following for this car as am one of many like minded enthusiasts who love the first "Baby Jag". On my third and planning a 4th in a few years when my present modified estate is passed to my wife. You only have to search on Facebook to see how many enthusiast groups there are for this little gem. People like me who will still be taking these cars to Jaguar shows to not let one part of jaguar history fall to the wayside. Read more

Jim Capstick

I have the 2.5 and automatic.
According to ford at the time the gearbox is sealed for life and has to be replaced when it fails.
However the gearbox can be serviced and has a filter in its sump.
The replacement oil is easy to get back in the box also.
They are a beautiful and easily maintained car.


Got really lucky and managed to get my hands last year on automatic 2007 2.5 V6 x-type with 26K miles in mint condition for £1.7k ($2.2k).
Never had young passengers. Had to change the battery, fuel pump (thank you Ford nice and cheap), front tyres and a wheel alignement. The largest expense was in fact the road tax! Close to 25% of the cost of the car. But it is compliant with London area (low emissions) and we just drove it back from a trip in Wales. A very smooth and comfortable engine. On mountain twisters and uphill you need to get used to the responsiveness when you kickdown. I had modern BMWs that are of course more reactive, but when you get the right rev the x-type is a beauty. Yes mine is thirsty: 30mpg in this last rip! But as Londoner i rarely use it and for me that expense goes into "leisure" not transport :)

Chris C

Nice car but the MOT history isn't great, eg advisories repeatedly not attended to, dodgy numberplates, etc. I agree about 75's, and ZT's, being at bargain level - there's a 57k miles silver 75 automatic near here for £350... Read more

Sandra Reynolds

I have a 2003 18i Connoiseur automatic with 80,000 on her clock. I have had Rosie for aboit 6 years and she had a cam belt and new head gasket fitted and passed her MOT Sept 2020 with no advisories, she has new tyres all round and I love her BUT due to Rheumatoid arthritis I can no longer get in or out as she is too low. She has had everything needed to keep her well and this old lady is heartbroken to have to say goodbye to that old lady. I don't need to sell her and would rather keep her and look after her than sell her to somebody to run into the ground. She deserves more respect I think.

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