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Rebecca Benjamin

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Rebecca Benjamin

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I was one of those in the original team that conceived and developed the Scorpio and remember it well. It was an attempt to try something bold, different and how Ford can maximize it's investment with very limited funding. Read more

I have A black scorpio 2.0 liter I have had it for 17 years. And has covered 314000 miles still all original . The body is very good but could do with a respray . I also had a diesel one as my taxi and it was the most comfortable car I have ever owned and for road manners a match for any 5 series BMW and much better then a Mercedes E class which I got to replace the scorpio diesel so disappointed with the Merc. That was a 98 E class 3 litre turbo diesel automatic . THE SCORPIO IS A MUCH BETTET CAR and more practical.


The mk 3 Fiesta was one of the most miserable cars to drive. It only became good after a major rework.
Rose- tinted nostalgia there. Read more


The basic models had a 4 speed gearbox the higher models 5 speeds.

Nicholas Margerison

It's despicable that honest folk will be left out of pocket yet again. This is a director led administration and I expect they will resurrect another dormant Coys company and carry on trading. Vendors of classic cars that were entered into auction as much as six months ago have still not been paid and will now see a tiny fraction of their cars value returned to them. I sincerely hope that the administration will now lead to the directors being banned from running a company for good. If you have any inclination about dealing with Coys anytime in the future you have been very strongly warned to avoid them at all costs. You can read the Telegraph article for further clarification and there is a Facebook group of some 400 disgruntled customers. See 'Coys Auction Problems' FACEBOOK. Read more

David Churchill

It amazes me that the classic car press have not investigated the most recent (and hopefully last) demise of Coys in depth. Having encouraged the and supported the auction houses to an healthy degree during the recent classic car boom years, they now have a duty to uncover the the stench left behind by Coys.
As a former classic car dealer I had first hand experience of Coys dubious business practices back in 1998- the first and last time I ever used them. Shortly after that they went bust for the first time. Even as recently as 2014 there was the reported scandal of the Iso Grifo with the wrong chassis number 'sold' by Coys at the Essen classic car show and subsequently seized by German police. Then last year there was the scandal of the fake Porsche 911RS bought through Coys by Andreas Pohl who subsequently sued them and reclaimed £390,000 plus damages (was this actually paid?).
Over the years the cases have been many and varied so it is certainly incumbent on someone to report fully on exactly what happened with this company, how much money is still owed to clients and creditors and the role played by its Directors, one of whom is apparently currently in Ireland, presumably in lock-down for all the right reasons!!

Coys are scammers they sold my Lamborghini a year ago and still haven’t paid me.

Corps Diplomat

I'd forgotten they did an estate in this generation 3 Series. Sort of disappeared from our roads without anyone noticing. Read more


Well, the 'up-and-coming' part of this article was certainly prophetic. Writing this in mid-2020 you won't find an E36 Touring much below £3k unless you want a structurally corroded project. In my opinion, having recently bought one, even the 316i still offers acceptable performance. The diesel versions are best avoided as these are noisy, slow and economy only slightly better than the four-pot petrol ones.

Genuine parts are very expensive, but fuel consumption can be surprisingly good and with unleaded @ £0.99/litre, best be quick before they all are taken by the Great Drifting God in the sky. Corrosion resistance can be abysmal: take a look at how many rust-free Xsara Picassos are still plodding on: I haven't spotted an E36 for at least 12 months. As mentioned, suspension bushes and steering joints are likely to be shot too. Engines and transmission are long lasting, though. Ebay has many poorly listed parts for pennies if you're happy to spend a lot of hours cross referencing part numbers. Chinese coil-over suspension kits can be had for around £120 inc. delivery and and be fit in just a cpouple of hours. They seem OK quality-wise too especially those sold by 'Maxpeeding Rods' (sic)....


dd Read more

Frederik Tyson-Brown

Had a basic '97 2.4 V6 for a while during 2018/19, absolutely knackered at 170k+ when I bought it for £400. Clearly did its service in life, but just hanging on by the time I needed it for a job. I do a lot of miles and my usually reliable '92 Rover 420 was having a tantrum.

The A6 (c5) is perhaps the ugliest and most emblematic late 90's car you can buy. It's the Steriophonics of cars. It's the flabby tail end of the hype of the 90's, with none of the style of the decades that preceded it.

It is ugly to drive, ugly to look at and ugly to sit in. By the time I got mine twenty years after its release, these feelings of antipathy were surely compounded by the burning smell from the heaters and clear gasket issues that the seeping old V6 was having underneath that illusory plastic engine cowling, though to its credit it wasn't too hard to squeeze some miles out of the engine to at least get me home from my current consignment. Let it rest, top it up with oil and coolant, wipe the sludge from the dipstick and pray it gets me home and to be fair, it did.

When it ran well it was solid on the motorways. It's just ugly as f*** and you can feel that in the handling anywhere else.

The thing has a big high a***, with a big enough engine up front that is completely wasted on how high the rear end of the car sits and it being FWD. Useless, like trying to throw a sack of potatoes around a room and begging fo the sack to say it loves you. It doesn't. It'll just chuck a spud in your face when you get bored to remind you of how boringly present it is. You wish you were in another car.

To conclude, I think these heaps of Audicity will probs all get scrapped and anyone who keeps one on hoping for it to become a classic will be disappointed at the absolute heifer they've lumbered themselves with. It's no fun to f*** when you're not getting f***ed back. And besides, I found it hard enough to gleam any info or parts when I did want to fix that brieff and loveless relationship.


I prefer "Flipping Bangers" recently aired on the Blaze TV channel.
Real old school mechanics buying and restoring cars for a living. Read more

Anne Yates El Sargento, BCS

Ant is great! And so is Wheeler Dealer’s Mike Brewer. The show teaches and entertains people like me that absolutely love cars but are not masters of restoration. Please stay with us!

Just a few corrections; MSD were not the "driving force behind Vauxhall's Touring Car outfit".
MSD were in fact at the time running the Honda Accords in the BTCC, the BTCC Vauxhalls were run by RML (Ray Mallock).

What MSD did have however, was the contract to build the fleet of cars for the supporting Vauxhall Vectra V6 SRi challenge; a support race category at BTCC race weekends (it is the 'Celebrity/Guest car' you can see in the photo alongside the ST road car above).

The cars in the Vectra Challenge were all identically-built 2.5 V6 Vectras, with 17" Speedline wheels - and it is these Challenge cars that the Super Touring road cars ape; not the BTCC Vectras (which ran much larger 20-spoke wheels). The only slightly different car in the Vectra Challenge was Mark Ticehurst's Calor-sponsored car, which ran on LPG.

The series winner was given a BTCC test run at the end of the year.
Ricky Collard graduated from the Vectra challenge to the BTCC, likewise (briefly), Flavio Figueiredo who stood in for John Cleland in 1998 when he suffered broken ribs. Read more

mary anams

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