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A cracking car - easy to put stuff in the enormous boot and could climb up snow covered passes in the Alps better than any Volvo, Merc or Beamer - massively underrated Read more

Charles Gordon

The Allegro was absolutely brilliant. I had a basic 1100 as a company car and did nearly 30,000 miles in a year - including going over the alps in winter - and it never missed a beat or let me down in any way. And it was really comfortable and spacious, for the driver at least - I'm 6' 7" and my "companymobile" should have been a Morris Marina, but when he saw me trying to get into one my new boss agreed that it would have been dangerous and suggested an Allegro instead. An offer that I never once regretted!



Me and my girlfriend have been looking to buy a camper van for a while and went to view a 1996 Renault Trafic Rimini today. Unfortunately we fell in love with this hen's tooth!... Read more


I can't get over the fact that estate diesel has so low mileage for 20-year old car. If it's true it may just be the right choice for 405 enthusiast who needs a good engine Read more


After my Chrysler voyager, this was possible my favourite car. I drove them for years and they suited my lifestyle of massive dogs, wheeling and dealing furniture, carting sacks of feed and bales of hay and towing a horsebox.

I used to joke to people that if you had one of these, you had to beat it to death because it ran and ran and ran.

I have no idea why Peugeot had to mess about with a winning formula and turn it into something which looked prettier but was less functional like the 407SW I was daft enough to buy a couple of years ago.

Last night this car died and frankly, it was a relief. I hated it but it wasn't economically viable to replace a car which functioned. Now I have the excuse and am going to see if I can find another 405 estate.


Was the fastest 7 seater MPV since 2001. Read more

Matt Dale

As above. Currently re-wiring the rear passenger loom as rear electric windows no longer work. Loom repair kit with instructions and phone number for help all included for 23 quid on fleabay. Bargain to resolve a common fault. My Zaf Gsi is now at 110k.
2k ago the Headgasket went. So on strip down I replaced the stem seals along with new head bolts and cambelt and waterpump. I used the same oe kit they use for the vxr. The beauty of upgrades on the z20let engine is that you can use the majority of better quality parts from the uprated vxr engine inc spark plugs, injectors, cam belt and waterpump etc. Even the turbo. One thing I did struggle with was locating oil cooler pipes. When mine failed and dumped 4-5litres of oil on floor, I found them extremely hard to get hold of. However a wonderful company called RnD Motorsport made there own for 90 quid and say that they are far superior to the oe pipes. I'm currently running 260bhp now with a map that sees the turbo kick in at 3k rpm. So I can drive like it like a normal family man and be "Daddy cool"
And them drop a gear and fly when I'm on my own.
Ps.Great for family trips/holidays.


The original ad. was better. If my memory serves me, it was in the national press in June 1973 and showed a Dolomite Sprint and an Alfa Romeo, with a caption against the Dolly '118mph round MIRA'. My friend persuaded his mother to buy one in July 1973, which made her the fastest GP in Barnsley at the time! Read more




BMW 700? I believe it is generally thought that BMW was saved by the 02. Read more

Tony Bryer

Skoda Favorit would be a contender too

The Omega is the only car I have repeat ordered, having had two in succession, a 2.5 CDX followed by a 2.5 Elite. The best shape was the earlier car, with the later vehicle having a more boxy appearance. It sold (badly) in the USA as the Cadillac Catera. After the second Omega I moved on to the Jaguar S-type. Read more

Roy P Kemp

I have and run a 2001 Omega 2.2 16 valve auto in Gold for the past 4 years,
covering 46,000 miles in that time. An excellent car. utterly reliable and still in very
good condition. A much better car than my previous BMW 530D. Tows the caravan
perfectly and I have no intention of changing it.

27.03.2021. Roy P K.


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News Comment Hidden Hero: Audi 90
Ben Bergstein

The 20 valve version had no turbo fitted. The 2.0 20V was produced for export, and lacks the katalytic convertor. You'll enjoy 160 HP with an engine more suited to high revs, and sounds the best of all nineties! It's the last affordable small chassis quattro with some serious power. If you find one, buy it! Forget the heavvier coupe, they're more often abused and their coachwork is less stiff/rigid compared to the sedan. - B.Bergstein Read more


Interesting cars which look and sound nice with a few mods and still get plenty of attention these days I,m currently restoring a 1987 90 quattro B3 10v. It came with a GTI Engineering RE2500 conversion fitted in 1988 and it,s been off the road since 2012. I refurbed the head back in 2003 with new valves and guides and fitted a Schricke cam with Powerflow exhaust. Power probably around 190 ish and way better than the original 170bhp/ 180lb.ft of this conversion Because of the long 94mm stroke of this engine I restrict rpm to 6000 but it,ll hit this in 5th gear. Original color was a metallic maroon but I,m repainting it in a slightly brighter Ford Regency Red which looks very classy. There is very little rust in the bodywork, way better than my RS2 although the underside mechanicals need a good refurb. I,m fitting 280mm vented discs at the front and 278mm solid at the rear using adapters on the original callipers to minimise extra work. Wheels are 16 x 7 OZ Super Turismo alloys Great project and I,ll hopefully get it back on the road summer 2021

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