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Had error code 3 and 4 flashing on dash. This equates to Passenger side front Safety belt pretensioner circuit fault. Purchased a second hand Passenger side front pretensioner from a quality seller on ebay 100% positive feedback.

So disconnected battery and waited 5 minutes (Jaguar manual states 1 minute). Pushed seat back and Removed the two front bolts holding down the front passenger side seat, then pulled seat forward to show back cover covering the 4 front passenger side seat bolts, removed this cover, and then removed these bolts, From front of seat tipped seat backwards to I could see the two pretensioner wire that go into the connector at the front of the seat. then got my new pretensioner out of the box, and compared it to the one I had in my car, I had ordered the wrong colour, my car has a black one, the one I had ordered was sable in colour. So I decided to disconnect the two pretensioner cables from the front connector, just incase there was a faulty connection, did this then put everything back in reverse order. Connected the battery and switched on the ignition. To my amazement the error code changed from 34 to 33, this indicates that the Front drivers side safety belt pretensioner circuit was at fault. So did exactly the same with the front seat, disconnecting the battery and waiting 5 minutes then removing bolts and then discounnecting the two pretensioners from the front connector, put everything back in reverse order. connected the battery again, and to my amazement I did not have any codes flashing, so it was just a loose connection under both seats. Hope this helps some one. Read more

Fraser Mitchell

I'm now on my second X350, (a 2007 Sovereign 3 litre petrol), and would agree that these are an excellent car. However the ride is not as good as you might think, because use of large diameter wheels means the very low profile tyres let through sharp bumps and sunken man-hole covers.Best to not go beyond 18" wheels if you can, and see if the 17" will fit. These were available on the cars with normal size brake discs. My first X350 had 20" on purchase, and the ride was terrible.I swapped to 18" and it got a lot better. Current car is on 19" wheels and I am thinking of getting a set of 17" on eBay if I can when the tyres need replacing. Why there is this mania for large diameter wheels and "sport" suspension I really don't know. This is a luxury saloon and most owners will not be taking them round race tracks at weekends ! Read more


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Sulphur Man

I test drove a used 1.4 petrol example at an Audi dealership once. The car drove well enough, but even before we'd started moving, the car's major flaw had revealed itself - vast blind spots caused by squashing thick A-pillars into a small car design.

Combined with the narrowing upward rake of the windscreen meant this was a car where whole vans could hide behind the A-pillars, never mind motorbikes or pedestrians. Its absurd that some see this as a design classic. There's a reason small cars continue to be made from high strength steel. Read more

Ena Hoyle

Ena Hoyle on 4 August 2020

I bought my A2 back in 2003 and after 17 years not a moments regret. The choice at the time was an A2 or Mercedes A class and am I glad that I made the right choice. Economical, eye-catching, quirky, spacious - the positives keep on coming. If you've never experienced the joys of an A2 you have missed out. Next month I am taking my A2 on a journey through Europe to Austria to see my son and will be calling at Ingolstadt the home of Audi. What a thrill for me and the car.

Ivano Scattolin

Is this vehicle for sale .If so I will be interested to have more information and pictures Read more


A couple of weks ago I was looking out of a pub window at the two rows of cars in the car park. On the left were four Audis and one Skoda. On the right were three BMWs, one Yaris and one Focus. At least not an MPV nor SUV in sight. Not so many years ago the majority would have been Vauxhall, Ford, Austin, Morris and Rover. Read more


I wonder if the vehicles in an organization vehicle leave now in truth basically mirror a wealthier populace? Such a large number of all the more presently can manage the cost of the better quality vehicles whether it is on the grounds that their manager pays for it or the representative.


How many gallons to the mile?? Read more


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HJ 2013

Classic ! rubbish new rubbish now Read more

kevin peter

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Car Crusader

My head says Fuzz is absolutely right but my heart says I really don't want to subject my classic to the ignorant MOT inspector again. Only once in the past 25 years has my self maintained car failed the MOT - the indicators were deemed not to be flashing rapidly enough to meet the (modern) standard.
At the last MOT I counted the inspector stall and struggle to restart my engine 13 times, he had no idea of how to drive a car with carburettors. Then he ripped off the roof guttering while getting out by reaching up and pulling on it to lever his fat torso out of the low driving position.
I really don't want to subject my car to this ignorance again if I can help it.. Read more

Stuart Mumby

Perhaps Car Crusader should select his MOT station more carefully. If he went to some back street £25 a throw establishment then he deserves all he gets. There are plenty of classic car friendly MOT stations around. A call/visit to a reputable classic car dealer will recommend a suitable local MOT testing station. I happily part with £45 per annum to have my MGA professionally tested by the Triumph TR6 owning proprietor of my local independent garage.

Billy Mac

In today’s Ask HJ, Graham C was asking for help regarding the history of his Shadow. In answer, Keith Moody rightly suggested contacting the RR Owners Club. However, another useful contact is John Baker at the Royce Foundation ( The Foundation (based in rural Northamptonshire near to Silverstone, has an extensive archive of all RR (and Bentley) factory vehicle build records. They also have an extensive collection of memorabilia associated with Sir Henry. Read more


  • Warning Lights.

  • A Sputtering Engine.

  • Poor Fuel Economy.

  • Dead Battery.

  • Flat Tires.

  • Brakes Squeaking or Grinding.

  • Alternator Failure.

  • Broken Starter Motor.

Read more

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