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December 2016



Can you help me about the code of the ford fiesta radio.... Read more


Hi guys,

Here a video guide about all you need to know about retrieving a Ford radio code.
It contains info about how to find serial, retrieve the code and how to enter it on the radio.

Chris C

Favourite grey imports - mini gullwing Autozam, Mitsubishi army Jeep, stealth Toyota Will VS, Toyota BB Open Deck Aero. I guess the most popular grey imports are MPV's but a shout also please for the Toyota Sera - 250 in the UK. Read more



One of my favourites is missing from the list.The Honda DC5, 2001 to 2006 powered by the 2ltr Vtec engine.

Its a great reliable drivers car with track and safe fast road in mind. The two models, pre facelift and facelift have slight differences mainly front end and rear tail lights.

The facelift road springs are apparently modified although I doubt they perform any better than the earlier car.

I have a 2004 pre facelift in Arctic Blue Pearl and in standard form and I'm so satisfied with it that I cannot see what I would replace it with, without having to spend a lot of cash.


Lord Brasic

My first toy car was a dinky VW Bettle, next was a Triumph TR4 Triang pedal car which I still have. My first real car was a 1963 Austin A40 in which I passed my test. Followed one week later with a 73 Marina 1.3 Coupe, then a 73 Triumph Dolomite 1859 HL which got written on within a week when someone drove in the side of it. It was replaced by a Vauxhall Victor 2,3 Estate and a Fiat 128 3P Berlinetta. Sold both those and bought my 1st of many XJ6 Jags, all this by the age of 18, after that it become a blur. At present I run a 3.2 X300 Jag, a 2.2 Diesel Saab Estate and a Lexus IS 200 sportcross. I do have a few more but not sure what I'll be putting on the road next. Read more

Lord Brasic

will only go up in value now, but I have never liked them.
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HJ Team

We've updated HJ Yerself, our interactive feature, with some festive additions!

You'll find new cars, backgrounds and some delightfully tasteless Christmas jumpers.... Read more


For some reason, the link isn't working. Head to:

Clay Smith

I still love my 257,000 mile 1998 v70r which is basically a renamed 850
I love the awd but wish it had a stick.
No engine work, transmission work and the oem turbo. Now that's reliability
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Peter McGuire

Breaking Bad fans will recognize the 850 / V70 wagon as Meth King Gus's ride.

i own the best condition breadvan with only 15K mileage 5 speed box. 1275 cc eng and a massive VW service history, simply, the best in the UK, Read more

nathan chadwick

well lancaster honda can have the world record for the price of a honda del sol in 2018 , gone over the clock 1993 K660 PPO for a mere £7495 yes no joke they are after £7495 , and i phoned to make sure it was not a typo error, the worlds most expensive del sol in 2018 im sure, Read more

Peter McGuire

The Chrysler K car (Plymouth Aries / Dodge Reliant) should be on this list. Whilst pedestrian and boxy under Lee Iacocca it saved Chrysler's bacon in the late 1970's / early 1980's. I believe it was also the 1st N. American "budget" car with FWD. It spawned a whole series of other badge engineered vehicles, including the original Chrysler minivan.
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