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July 2016

Datsun Dave

What an awful looking car. Read more

Alphard 02

As a longstanding fan of Bristol Cars & their engineering I must say the photos are disappointing, but let's wait on the real thing & see.

Rob Taylor 260

The Lincolnshire Centre of the MG Car Club is again holding its annual Lincolnshire Poacher Concours & Pride of Ownership Show at Doddington Hall & Gardens near Lincoln on 21st August 2016.

Entries are welcome from both MG cars and other marques for this flagship event. Set within spectacular gardens, the Coach House at Doddington Hall has been reserved for show entrants and visitors for refreshments throughout the day.

Entry for pre booked cars is just £3.50 contact Geoff and Vicki Edge 01205 871973 geoffjedge@aol.com

The event is FREE to visitors and is open to the public from 10am to 4pm.

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Rob Taylor 260

For more details see mgcclincolnshire.co.uk/ any make of car may enter.

You do not even need to own an MG to join the MG Car Club !


In 1978 my friend was given a 1.0L Fiesta as a company car. it was great fun and only seemed to know one speed on the motorway - an indicated 100 mph which meant the speedo must have been well out.

I never thought about safety when I was the passenger. At the age of 21 wearing a front seat belt felt constrictive and of course there were no rear belts. Goodness knows what what have happened at top speed with four in the car if we'd hit anything.

It seemed to love being thrashed through the gears and driven as fast as possible. In fact it only broke down (we heard) after it was sold on. Perhaps the new owner was trying to drive it sedately.

It was the car that sticks most happily in my mind during the Summer of 1979 involving the trips to the coast with disco music (yep Earth Wind and Fire) blaring out of the separately fitted stereo. Happy days.

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HJ Team

We are giving you the chance to win a fantastic Autoglym car care kit. All you have to do is submit an Owner's Review for your Classic Car. The most useful, informative review will win the Autoglym set and five runners up will get a large tub of Swarfega.

Whatever you own – from a traditional classic car to a retro hot hatch, or anything in-between, we want to know what you think of it. Is it everything you hoped it would be or has it been unreliable? Has it been a joy to own or a complete money pit? Whatever you have to say about your car, we want to hear it.... Read more


I enjoy the Classic Car Show, but I think it is very expensive, particularly compared with, say, the Motorhome & Caravan Show a couple of weeks before which has free parking and is between a third and a half the price. Read more


IMHO this is pure idiocy. Have they not yet noticed that London has several airports that fly aircraft that burn a great many TONS of fuel? So much aviation fuel is used that major airports all have pipelines to the oil refineries as bringing the fuel by lorry would be impractical. In addition it has long been said that if one lives on a take-off flight path forget hanging washing on a clothes line. Instead one must buy a tumble-drier. Aviation noise and pollution somehow seems to be exempt so the politicians resort to the old trick of attacking the motorist instead.

There are also diesel locomotives that run on "red" (not the low odour city diesel) and as far as I know the locomotives don't use Adblue as they would need rather a lot! Having just said that, most locomotives are now so well maintained that they are smokeless! It is most impressive to see diesel trains that just make a heat-plume as they accelerate and well maintained cars should be the same.... Read more


Is this to enter the LEZ or the Congestion Zone? BIG difference. Simple enough (and not really a bad idea) to avoid the Congestion Zone area, but the LEZ is much larger.


Hi there i am new to this forum and would like some info on my land rover its a series 111 first registared 01/03/1976 and i am needing to know when its likly to be exempt from road tax and who do i speak to with this matter thanks for your time and any help you can give Read more


Historic vehicle tax is now 'rolling' on a 40 year basis. So from April 2016, all vehicles built before 1 January 1976 were tax exempt. Your Land Rover should be tax exempt from April, 2017.

But the re-classification won't happen automatically. You'll need to notify the DVLA. This can be done on your existing V5C. Change it to historic, sign and date the paperwork, and post it to the DVLA....


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