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December 2019


Good competent easy to drive cars.Better than the Civic it was based on, but then it should be. Read more

Babita Dalal

Thanks for this information on the hidden heroes of the rover.
have fun here


How many gallons to the mile?? Read more



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Watch for the 5 speed Geartronic autos...notoriously unreliable and expensive to fix. Valve body issues start with a clunking between 1st and 2nd gear. Read more

Paul gritton

Beautiful car, I myself own a d9 v6 auto in ariane blue, wouldn’t sell it for all tea in China!! Read more

Well written article on a great little car. True drivers choice. Read more

Had a 1.6 lusso, always lusted after the 2 litre though! Great car even if a bit fragile and the dealers were woeful.

leftfield lenny

My youngest brother had one, he hated it. However, my other brothers and I loved to borrow it. My youngest brother said that to borrow it and hand it back after a burn up or to ferry things in the back was great for us. To maintain it was a different matter for him. It had a appetite for wheel bearings, very poor ergonomics, inaccessible serviceable parts, squeaks and rattles like musicians in full flow playing a song and tracking that drifted out at random. But most spectacular of all, was that he took it back down to bare metal, treated all the rust areas and totally resprayed it. Only for the rust to come back 6 months later! Still, we all loved its hard wearing interior, pace and space. When the rust came back, he sold it to a plumber who used MG Maestro EFI 2.0's as fleet vehicles because he told my brother, they were the only vehicles that could haul all of the plumbers kit that he and his employees carried. He ran it into the ground. R.I.P. C115 JAM. Read more