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February 2019

Iain Harris

I would think the Fiesta ST in all forms deserves to be on the list give the past collectible performance of previous fast Fords.

Won't be many in mint condition in years to come Read more


Personally I drive an Old Mercedes 220 Avantgarde Estate. 2003 and it still is going well.
Tes Mercedes are expensive to service. But in my case apart from a Broken Front Spring and a couple of electrical problems. It fine I get wonderful MPG and it's not because I drive slowly. Going down through France into Spain and halfway across Spain it returns well over 55 MPG. This cannot be bad for a 16 year old car, Comfortable Yes. Economical Yes. Attractive Yes,.
In other word it rings my Bell.
This after driving so many different makes over 60 years!
Am I happy with it YES.
Would I like Newer one YES YES,
Just cant afford one.
David Collins


There was no 'factory option black roof', but there was the option of the steel sliding sunroof. This seems to be an aftermarket 'cassette' type sunroof, with the vinyl roof been applied to cover up the 'works'. Read more


I guess Kia Rio deserves to achieve cult status in college campuses across the USA due to its price and being extremely practical. I see nothing wrong about Kia autos. Read more


Dont be silly..... thats like saying a some old redifusion black and white Tv will be a classic... no it wont


Ford Fiesta Mark 1 was my first manual. Invaluable. Thanks Mr Haynes. Read more


"Assembly is the reverse of disassembly", I seem to remember!

Peter McGuire

I can imagine Harold sitting in the back working on his "pound in your pocket" speech. Read more


I've decided against joining the Triumph car club since they don't have a section near me ( Milton Keynes ) and aren't prepared to let me start one.
It's a shame because they would probably have the answer to my question. Does anyone know how many 13/60 estates were built in RHD ?

Thanks. Read more


There's a website called "how many left" - if you google it you will find it. Has the info you are looking for.

Peter McGuire

Where is the Ami - considered by many to be the pinnacle of French styling? Read more


My dream Citroen garage - 15CV Rosalie, 7CV avant guerre, Traction 6H converted to 22CV spec with a Ford flathead V8, ID19, Ami Super (or M35?), BX19GT (not GTi) , Low roof CX Prestige, Visa GTi, Twin engine 2CV, XM V6, C6 V6 Petrol.

Richard Millward

Brilliant car had 2 of them wish I had never swapped them. Read more

Hunter Boyce

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