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January 2019

My father bought a grey 416 GSi with the Honda D16Z2 engine, back in September 1992 and we still have this car in our garage, amongst newer ones. Why?.. It is the definition of reliability not only in terms of the engine, but also in terms of electric / mechanical components that all work flawlessly after almost 30 years. It curently has a total mileage of 327.000 km, mainly done in city traffic, but also on long summer journeys in distant places and everything works 100% perfect like day 1.

I am also amazed by the quality of the rubber seal strips on the doors and the sunroof, because after all those years they are still 100% water proof! And here in Greece there is always a lot of sunny days and during the summer, temperature reaches 36-38 degrees celsius, that usually kills any car rubber part over the years. But not in this case. The 416 GSi does not have any plastic or rubber problems at all. I am really impressed with this..

I also use it today as a daily car, it is very practical to drive, it has a very smooth and comfy ride, the front / rear / side visibility is great, very nice steering and gear shifter feeling and inside the cabin you have leather seats, wood panels in the dashboard and doors, electric windows / mirrors / sunroof, A/C and high quality trim levels, that make this car a joy to use everyday in traffic and also for rural journeys. Future classic in my opinion, as these days at least here in Greece, it is getting noticed more and more, as a vintage and rare car of a brand that it is long gone.

I really appreciate and love this car, for what it stands today in 2021 and offers, as we live in an era with modern cars with tons of technology and innovations, but reliability hits rock bottom. Even premium car brands cannot offer a car that gives you peace of mind in terms of short and long term reliability. And as I get older year by year, I tend to appreciate more peace of mind. So for me the 416 GSi is a gem. Hats off to this fantastic car that for 30 years (and still counting) transported my family safely without any mechanical problem at all. Massive respect.

P.S. I really love also the fact that our old and humble saloon car has lend its rear lights to the iconic Jaguar XJ220. Read more

Eudo H.

On the whole, nope...

I drove one for 12 years; an auto 130 PD tdi four-door Comfortline bought new in 2002 in Switzerland of all places. Performance-wise great, only above 180kms was it reluctant to accelerate. Al contro, the problems accelerated faster than anything I had before:
-New, the front wiper arms were misaligned.
-The suspension creaked incessantly.
-Continual steering geometry check-ups, probably due to the heavy diesel engine whacking everything out of alignement.
-At 56000 kms an injector had to be replaced.
-It spewed white diesel fumes at an embarrassing rate, and smelled awful in the cabin.
-To cap it all, the auto packed up at 86000 kms and the local dealer in Belgium wanted 8000 euros to replace it. He offered me 700 euros to retain the car so 'i buy a new one'.
Little by little, because I am a car nut, I fixed everything. Woe to to him or her that gets a car like that unknowingly.
-A great drawback of Mk4 Golfs you will discover the hard way when it snows. The door edges get iced so firmly that a fearsome amount of yanking won't get them free.
--This, now applies to ALL Golf 4s : Without exception they have terrible stoplights and chew bulbs at an alarming rate. Headlight bulbs at least every six months; stoplights trimestrial... Down the road you can always signal an MK4 because the stoplights are off.

There were a few pluses: an unrivalled corrosion resistance; the underside of my car, until it was stolen at the university town of Leuven in 2014 -a day that will remain forever in infamy, was like clean beyond belief.
-Great factory alloys, German made Ronals were quality items.
-Street credibility that came, i am afraid, at too high a cost.

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You should make more mention to the anniversary edition of which only just under 1800 models (900 180bhp 20v Turbos and 900 PD150 Diesels) were ever produced. These and the R32 are the only Mk4 Golfs that will ever earn 'classic car' status over time given their rarity.

Hi is there anywhere in 2019 I can see the Blitzen Benz please

Catherine Read more

There is a wrong denomination here:
The 951 pieces of long wheel based Mercs making them the rarest model within this series were the 280 SEL 3.5 which are W108 (with conventional suspension), not W109!
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How many RHD 280SEL 3.5 produced? Could probably procure more hens teeth..!! Could it be Mercedes rarest model/spec?

By a series of strange circumstances, I got to drive one of these on the Pan European launch in Baden Baden before any journos arrived.

First time I ever hit the rev limiter in a car :)

Still really want one - in silver with the small spoiler....... Read more

Stephen Denton

A good right up but not really done the accord type r justice. With that limited slip diff you can drive it too a track, then throw it around that track and drive it home and it won't miss a beat with that reliable h22a7 engine. It's much lighter than the standard accord too due to the removal of the split rear seat and a light recaro one fitted plus sound deadening was removed from the car. Your 0-60 time of 7.9 is so off, even honda posted a very conservative 6.7 and I have timed mine on a slight damp straight and got it too 6.1. These are rare now with only 400 on the roads, in fact there are more Sierra cosworths on the road ! With regular low cost maintenance these will be a classic very soon.

leftfield lenny

I had the 1.6 16v 130 bhp model in red. A very nice motor, A few very expensive issues under my ownership, which were common faults to the model, but I was lucky that the trader seller coughed up most of the costs i.e. the electric sunroof and intermittent wash wipe function for the front windscreen. I was able to get a ignition amplifier second hand from a breaker. The previous owner had a extremely expensive time trying to fix the rear handbrake set up for every service / MOT (on disc brakes, problem caused by incorrect and over adjustment of the handbrake adjuster). The 1.6 16v model seems to have been the weak link in the range. Although the odd 1.5 and 1.6 single cam models can be found for sale, I've yet to come across the 130 bhp version in recent years. Read more

leftfield lenny

Mine was a 1990 G reg model, and that didn't have aircon. In fact, I've never came across one with the aircon fitted, let alone the optional alloy wheels. I took my self purchased alloys of my old Integra EXi and they stayed on my Concerto to the end of my ownership in 2002. The car ceased to appear on any DVLA records in 2004.

Howard Buchanan

The Mondeo a classic? Really? Feeling a McEnroe moment coming on: " You cannot be serious.....". Read more

Couldn't agree more with the review. I've currently got a 2007 Mondeo 1.8L petrol saloon and a more punchy 2003 2.5L estate in Ghia X trim. The latter is a bit thirsty (25mpg - yikes) but it drives superbly, feels sporty and has a giant boot for a car this size. Both are ultra reliable - never had a breakdown or genuine issue with little maintenance required. A service every now and again keeps them purring. Review is right though: if you're buying these you can get the premium Ghia and Ghia X trims for nothing (£500 for the estate with 140,000 miles on the clock). Petrol costs aren't cheap, neither is VED but you're still saving thousands every year over anything made in the last 10 years. In a couple of years I'll save the estate in the garage and see if it appreciates. ?

John of Gloster

Back in the middle ages, well 1959 to be precise, teenager me worked nearby the main local Austin dealership. One day, outside the showroom was a very large wooden packing case. The size which would need a fork lift to load unload. Soon after I saw what the contents were. My first ever sighting of one of Sir Alec. Issigonis masterstrokes. Read more


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