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April 2019


When my parents divorced we were without a car at my mum's for a while. The first car she bought was an E-plate Astra Merit in the same blue as this, the only difference was a stripe along the side of hers.

I would LOVE this Astra for the pure nostalgia it engenders, we had several family holidays in our Astra to North Yorkshire and to Skegness and Gt Yarmouth. Don't think the missus would thank me for buying this though. Read more


Mk 11 Cavalier Was streets ahead of its main rival the Ford Cortina when it was first
introduced . I drove a 1.6 GL model and it was impressive . Even the later Ford Sierra did not handle as well . Sadly missed ! . Read more


Good cars,especially the early two tone SRI with Recaro seats,i had three.The later ones had cheaper sports seats with other cost cutting measures as well.Best one was 84/B red SRI,did 200,000 in it and good for over 120 MPH with that smooth 1.8 injection motor,certainly as quick and somewhat nicer than my current company A4 TDI 2018.

Peter McGuire

I ran first a 740 then a 760 turbo wagon for almost 20 years, sadly departed to the graveyard. Currently I have a 1989 780 Bertone turbo (2 - door) as a garage queen. Excellent cars with plenty of get up and go. The wagons have far superior load volume that most modern SUV's and CUV's with the added bonus that you can actually see properly out of the rear windows. Read more


The car of choice during the 1980s for senior Politburo members in the GDR, and always in dark blue. It replaced earlier Volvo saloons.


Not mentioned in the article but awesome is the E55 a fantastic car to drive with a smooth 5.4 litre V8 Read more

I have owned 2 W210's. My first was a 1997 E200 which I bought for the small fleet of private hire cars I ran. The car covered some 70k bin my ownership and apart from having replacement track rod ends at about 50k the car proved to be quiet, comfortable, reasonably economical and very popular with my clientèle.
The car worked for me for 7 years and it's age was disguised by non age related plates. Eventually the rust started to betray its age and the car had to go.
A couple of years back I decided to seek out another example and found a rust free 2000 E240 Elegance. I'm now retired and only cover a moderate mileage. I have had a new battery and replacement catalytic converters. But the car is a pleasure to drive. Its everything I could expect from a Mercedes excellent and relaxed for long journeys, surprisingly brisk and still solid as a rock. I see no reason why she shouldn't be on the road for some years to come. And she looks so good with real 'road presence"!

Larry Beale

Loved mine. Criss Crossed Europe in it and it always got nice comments. Bought for 850, sold for a grand with a little help from being Pistonheads Shed of the Week :) Read more

Had mine 15years now. Lowered, 17’s, cat back stainless, remapped, polyflex bushes, front and rear arb upgrade. Awesome car, sounds good, drives impressive.