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November 2010


Item I have just read about oil for older classic cars and why modern oil appears to be dangerous.

Situated on a site that you would not normally expect to find it on.

The author is writing about the good old US of A, but comments cover GB as well. Read more


Yon link is dead, but I noted that Halfords did a 20W50 "Classic" oil when I was last in the UK. It was SE IIRC, though, which is obsolete and probably unfortunate.. I can see why you wouldn't want to use a recent low-Zinc formulation (although this is doubtful since I've seen it stated that the limits don't apply to the higher viscosity grades like 20W50) I can't see any reason to go as far back as SE, apart from it perhaps being cheaper to manufacture. As is usual, the Halfords stuff didn't state the Zn content on the tin,.so how much you are getting is anybody's guess. As I understand it, the earlier specs had no mandatory limit, but that does not mean they necessarily contain a lot.


I friend of mine for reasons known only to himself is interested in a classic Porsche for around £15,000. I have told him they are money pits but to no avail.

I seem to recall there was a dealer with an excellent reputation near J18 M25 Chorleywood way but for the l;ife of me I can't remembr his name.... Read more


Exactly that Adverse. Have even been to the place but the name went right out of my head. Thanks.