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December 2014

Steve Jordan

This is not the set that is currently on sale. The picture shows an older ser with the double ended ratched spanners. I have this set, but the sets on sale now have dropped the higher cost tools when they dropped the price. Sorry comment was for the Halfords advanced set. It seems to appear on all sets. Read more


Wouldnt be anything to do with folks being able to run most these cars off chip fat and chance avoidning the duty would it? Read more


Oh dear, where to begin?

Peter McGuire

What about the FX3 and FX4 London taxis? Read more

The Gingerous One

I promise to try to preserve the Rover 600 diesel that I bought last week (am trading down from a 3L petrol Jag XF).


I had a Santana. Unlike the Passat it had an Audi 2 litre 5 pot Read more

David Chapman

You've clearly owned all 10 to be able to pass such judgements. Some of them were actually very good cars (the Samba, Y10, Fuego and Santana for instance - all of which I've owned or driven). A car not selling well isn't a reason to discount it, conversely just because something is rare, doesn't make it a classic! Perhaps the author needs to rename the article. A lot of poor car sales in the 80s were down to stereotyped consumer perception (e.g. all Italian cars rust, all French cars will break down), shoddy marketing and a less than enticing dealership nextwork.


Brian Lister was a local hero here in Cambridge, so well liked and respected. I remember being thrilled as a boy looking down from my school playground at the Lister Jags being driven round the block from the little garage where they were prepared. Also seeing Archie Scott Brown at his garage in Girton and later racing at Snetterton. Read more

Some kid

Wow, appreciated jazz and loved building race cars. What a cool guy.. I actually only recognized Lister from GranTurismo4, though I never liked the LeMans Jaguar. I never would've known unless I'd caught this ad. In my respect, the least I could do is go and buy the Lister in GT4 in personal respect.

Chemistry Rocks!

I could have had that! Read more


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Wow this is the scariest thing I've seen for a long time, sales wise the Firenza was a grade A turkey, I'm not sure if sales even got into three figures! the Magnum coupe wasn't that much more successful either.However a fair few coupe bodies had been made so Vauxhall put out the Viva E which featured painted bumpers, a stripped out interior and cross-ply tires as well,eventually this cleared the glut of coupe bodies. But that wasn't the last we saw of the Firenza, a Magnum estate with the droop snoot was cobbled together in an attempt to attract some showroom traffic The Chevette was a truly dreadful creation using Opel Kadett's T series floorpan with the addition of a three door hatchback body style coupled with a sort of droop snoot front inspired by the Firenza, the whole rotten concoction had the Viva engine and later estate,saloon & van versions followed in due course. The one version that Luton didn't take was the rather smart coupe version, why the 2300HS engine wasn't put into this body as it was only a homologation special might have given it some distinction. Well what about today's Vauxhall production,only the Astra is made here everything else is imported, today's Astra is well sort of competent but it's not that exciting is it? Read more


Well Herr Publik you won't find me arguing with you on that, what to me is even a greater con trick is the German manufacturers passing off their products as products of the Fatherland, so you've got BMW & Mercedes saloon cars being built in South Africa 4x4's being built built by good ol' boys in the former confederate states in Alabama and South Carolina in non union factories far away from the grip of the UAW. Also Porsche have also got into the act building Cayenne's alongside Touraegs & Audi Q7's in Slovakia. Well does it matter do you say? well yes I'm afraid it does it reduces what was a proud German manufacturer to the status of a fashion label, which I suppose is all that the status conscious brand stupid owners care about


Supercinque? Mamma mia, only in Italy. It was a Supercinq elsewhere, especially in France! Read more


err, sorry, don't remember this ad the way I did the hamilton/fur coat/golf or the many beetle ones Read more


I was going to add this post as a reply to the current thread about Cars That Shouldn't Have Been or whatever the thread is.

It would have been in reply to a poster who sold his mk 1 Golf cabrio for £1400 at the time and now similar examples worth £7.5k...i bet we've all had cars we wished we'd kept.... Read more


Many thanks GB, I used waxoyl in my younger years when it was recommended by an almost retired collegue who had a mint condition VW camper that got a yearly treatment of it.

I think I may have questioned Madf or someone else before about Dinitrol but, didn't get around to obtaining any. ...