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April 2014

Ed V

Why should I not buy a Rover 75 Estate CDTi 2.0 Connoisseur? There are a few for under £5,000, reasonable mileage. Are they really "refined" (i.e. quiet) or just tarted up with leather and wood?

Did BMW oversee the whole thing, or just the engine? Read more


I have to admit I keep looking at these and the MG variants as well. Still a good looking car IMO and seem to cope with high mileages as well.

Even the 1.8s don't seem to be big issue if they're had the uprating head gasket done, which must be nearly all of them now if they're still running!


A couple of weks ago I was looking out of a pub window at the two rows of cars in the car park. On the left were four Audis and one Skoda. On the right were three BMWs, one Yaris and one Focus. At least not an MPV nor SUV in sight. Not so many years ago the majority would have been Vauxhall, Ford, Austin, Morris and Rover. Read more


I wonder if the vehicles in an organization vehicle leave now in truth basically mirror a wealthier populace? Such a large number of all the more presently can manage the cost of the better quality vehicles whether it is on the grounds that their manager pays for it or the representative.

Mike Humble

launched with wonky tyres and cack electrics.... They were hopelessly out of fashion before they were even launched. The 1.6 leaked more oil than they burned, had a gearchange more offensive than Bernard Mannings vocabulary after standing on a nail and yet they somehow used to waft along nicely.

But on the plus side, they were simple to fix, good on the pop, mechanically unburstable in diesel form and actually really comfortable.... I miss em! Read more

Stewart Weller

I dont recall any issues with my '75 midget that made it hold up traffic, seemed happy enough at 80! Read more


Thanks for showing these interesting prototypes, wonder what happened to them. A few years ago I visited the Gaydon museum and at the back was a compound with some other BL might have beens such as a Metro with a boot plus the stillborn Triumph Stag replacement the Lynx Read more


These pair were involved with a theft prior to the company being set up. Both are dodgy as hell. I m also aware that the fat one used to practice French kissing with his brother when he was 18. Read more

The Wolseley Man

Sometime in the 80's I almost bought a Hustler. It was plywood with the large sliding glass doors but used the 1800 (B Series) engine and box. It had six wheels and I absolutely loved it - but then, I love anything that looks different or is different. I didn't buy it because when I looked underneath the sub frames were as written as a pair - and I needed something to use then - not as a restoration project.
HOWEVER! Wish I had bought the thing now! Read more

The Citroën fan

I had one of these; it was an ex French private ambulance with high roof. I converted the rear into a mini camping-car and used it to escort abnormal loads, mainly in France. It was a wonderful vehicle, very reliable & well-known in the business, including lots of French police (for the right reasons!).
On the odd occasion it needed unexpected work, French Citroën dealers could not have been more helpful & prices were very reasonable. I was sorry when it died: nineteen years old! Read more


How on earth can you leave the Ford Cortina estate off this list? They were the most popular estate car EVER in the UK!


Beware of dealer rackets - There have been several well-documented cases of an imported car dealer manipulating the import documentation. In case the long arms of law catch up, it is the owner (and not the dealer) who is liable to pay duties, taxes and fines. Read more

Just so you all know my experience of using Autobox Logistics Ltd Essex which is carshippingmadesimple website part of Cargo Marketing Ltd. I drove to their shipping associate warehouse in Houston end of Jan 2018. They said it would be in Southampton in a month. After chasing and chasing it turned up in Felixstowe three months later. I was not happy and persuaded them to transport by truck to me in Devon at a subsided cost. I paid half, another £250 to swallow. It was left in the rain at Felixstowe and water had got in soaking carpet and seats and trim. It had been driven hard in reverse it looks like and damaged the underneath behind the rear axle inc fuel tank and twin exhausts and the bottom of both rear wings. Its a fully restore american classic. It has been 51 days since and still not repaired and they just ignore you as a customer and give the impression they don't care. Very very poor customer service. Very nice when booking though. I cannot recommend this set up at all.


The Saab 99 was an attractive and stylish car that did well in many markets and countries around the world. I have been trying to hire best dissertation writer for help in essay. In fact it is reported that Fiat bought the rights to produce this model in Italy after the end of production in Sweden. It is also said that as much as half of all cars sold in Portugal during the 1960s were Saabs! Read more