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Rover 75 - Classic thought

Why should I not buy a Rover 75 Estate CDTi 2.0 Connoisseur? There are a few for under £5,000, reasonable mileage. Are they really "refined" (i.e. quiet) or just tarted up with leather and wood?

Did BMW oversee the whole thing, or just the engine?


oldroverboy.    on 29 April 2014

Read This.

Excellent car, but be aware of some hard to get parts.

Have had 2 rover 75's and an Mgzt but all petrol.

whatever you do do not buy a 1.8.

72 dudes    on 29 April 2014

I ran one of the last models, a 75 2.0 CDTi Contemporary SE as a company car for about 7 months in 2006, covered 18k miles in that time. Nice car, averaged just under 45MPG, reasonably refined unless you push on above 85/90 when it gets a bit vocal. Good ride, tidy handling.

I would go for a pre-facelift version, (pre 2004) as these used thicker metal and are generally thought to be better built.

Negatives? - Only 5 speed manual, and Autos reduce fuel consumption to high 30's/low 40's. The headlamp bulbs are a b***** to change - you have a remove the wheelarch liner and skin your knuckles to get at them.

Paintwork was especially good on the 75/ZT - how many faded or dull ones do you see?

Ed V    on 30 April 2014

Thanks guys.

It's tempting I must say. I'll ponder.

jamie745    on 30 April 2014

Five thousand pounds?!?!

They should be going for a darn sight less than that by now!

Nice cars, still see a few of them about. Scare stories about parts being scarce only hold water for certain parts. The engine is BMW anyway, so ebay bits for that if you need it. The rest of the car is the same bits that were used in all sorts of Rovers and the odd Land Rover down the years.

Snakey    on 1 May 2014

I have to admit I keep looking at these and the MG variants as well. Still a good looking car IMO and seem to cope with high mileages as well.

Even the 1.8s don't seem to be big issue if they're had the uprating head gasket done, which must be nearly all of them now if they're still running!

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