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September 2014


Kings Lynn, I know of at least (there may well be other sites), regularly holds demolition derbies for Reliant 3-wheelers. There weren't enormous numbers of these vehicles in the first place, so these events must be reducing the remaining numbers in quite short order.

But it also begs the question of from where the racers are obtaining all these cars? I sure bet they aren't paying £2000 for one just to smash it to bits! Read more

Paul G

I think most of the Reliants still being destroyed on the track are models like the Rialto, which - as the article said - can still be picked up quite cheaply in good condition. Those that are bought by 'racers' are probably down-at-heel examples worth £300-400 tops. As you say though, this means there'll be a shortage of these in the future. Maybe now's the time to buy a decent Rialto and keep it tucked away for a few years? :-)


Distinctive shape- and original - and still looks great today Read more

paul jenkins

we had this model for a lot of years it never let us down once its been the best 5 series ever we got its replacement which was ok and then the replacement to that the one some people call the ugly one(to which i disagree i think it looks great but i will never forget the E34 Read more

QD Brown

Sounds like a great 944 with all the work. Most of the time, people buy these cars expecting a race car. They drive them hard, and have to start replacing parts that can get expensive. Had they just enjoyed a spirited drive, and took care of the car, the car would offer years of reliable driving and commuting. No car is cheap if you abuse them. I believe that logo has some convinced it can be abused, and will keep racing. Read more


What happened?? Every one an English car. Where are they now and WHY?? Read more


Harrovian...I'm not sure whether your comment, " i do wonder why you fail to include the Wolseley Six-Ninety, 1954-59" is aimed at myself. If it was, I only mention the 6/80, because I owned two of them.


Drove this car for many trouble free miles. Mainly used to chase cafe racers. Great car to drive.wheels were pressed steel not wire. Hub caps used to fly off so were removed. Happy days !,, Read more

Martyn J. Wheeldon

Strangely, ALM-721-B was displayed at the Kings Lynn Classic Car Show, 11.09.16