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August 2014


Ian Callum's Jaguar MK2. Read more

mike hannon

Speaking as a former Mk 2 owner I reckon it looks a better job than Jaguar managed with the 'modern' S-type.

Doing all those mods and then leaving the 'leaper' on the bonnet looks faintly ridiculous though.


Owned a Safari manual 2.3 petrol version of one of these.
Had always wanted a Citroen with the self leveling suspension after spending many hours travelling in a friends DS Safari, as a tourer and load carrier it was without equal as there was never whatever you carried any back down symptoms and the steering remained the same.
These earlier Citroens also totally spoilt you as regards the ride they offered, nothing comes close, potholes don't exist rough roads disappear and transferring to a "normal" car is a step backwards.
Sadly they rusted badly and the manual version was a pig in town as it had a clutch so heavy my wife could not even depress it, it also had those Citroen quirks, the ribbon speedometer that never settled and the button brake 'pedal', plus you could amuse passengers and fellow motorists in traffic jams by raising and lowering the suspension. Read more

Trilogy Read more


Good idea - done.

Classic & Sports Finance

The general sentiment in this is about right but the facts are a little sketchy.

"According to several classic car auctioneers we’ve spoken to, buyers aren’t relying on loans" - there are a lot of people financing classic cars at the moment. Demand for classic car finance is at an all time high.... Read more

John F

Cetainly 'classics', many now vintage. Nice to see my old Dolly Sprint featuring. But surely time for a new set of ten? Suggest start with the 2005 A8 SWB W12 quattro, indistinguishable from a run of the mill A8 apart from a couple of discreet 'W12' logos. Delivers nearly as much power as the Sprint had to each wheel from its compact 12 cylinder engine; automotive hooning par excellence! Read more

Bronan the Brobarian

Lol, you can tell the age of the person who wrote this. Guy in his 40s-50s perchance? Get someone in their 20s or 30s to write one too. Most these a laughable nowadays. And no way the Citroen is a Q-car.

Bronan the Brobarian

Uh-huh. Quite a lot of very average junk on here (I mean who's going to pay £5k for that Fiat or Suzuki!?). Good luck with your £5K Elan too.

A Boxster, S2000, higher-mileage XK8, BMW Z3 and Z4 can all be had for £5K. They'll be faster, more reliable, more modern, more comfortable, and much safer! Although possible slightly higher running costs, but hey do you want to have fun or not?

Try to see past the rose tinted glasses, these old buckets are not comfortable, fast, reliable or safe at all compared to more modern cars. My £5K would go to a Boxster or S2000, possibly a Z4, all of which will be future classics. Read more

Bell Ringer

With exception of the MX5, surely these must be the worst cars you could buy for £5k? How could a Boxster, MR2, BMW Z4 or an SLK be worse than these?


I had a 620Si Hondas engine for 5 years and never did anything other than put fuel in it, it never let me down, always started first time, paid £500 for it, great car. Had a 623GSI Honda engine, again 5 years and always started first time.. great cars, great value, great reliability Read more

Tom Jerry

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I really like this car even in its hard top, just a pity the engineering side let it down. Read more


I have a Mercedes w124 convertible. It's by far the best (and most stylish) modern classic, 4 seater convertible you can buy.


Around the middle of September a car I bought in the States will arrive here, a 66 Mustang Convertible. It is Black , manual 289" Edelbrock with a power top. looks stunning in the pics.

I bought it for a very reasonable sum, shipping included. My queries ; These older cars attract a VAT exemption, or perhaps just 5% as being older than 30 years , any specific info on this , and, anywhere recommended for the SVA / Light conversion,presumably the speedo doesn't change as already in miles, unless their ' miles ' are different as per their gallons ? Do I need reverse and fog lights fitted ? . Based in North London Read more




Hi this is my first post to the forum. I am the owner of a Peugeot 406 Hdi 136bhp 2.2 executive estate car. The Engine management light comes on and display states that there is a anti pollution fault. The car will then begin to run in a limp setting as it will continue to run but with less power if that makes sense.The eloy fluid was filled up t maximum about 2000 miles ago and since I have only filled the car up with diesel to maximum on each fill up as instructed by mechanic. The diafram has been changed for new as that is not moving when engine starts up as it is supossed to. The car is lovely to drive as I had a new tyre fitted and tracking sorted etc and when it is not in limp type mode it pulls nicely. Any ideas for me? many thanks! Read more


Usually if the EGR is stuck, you will get loads of black smoke. You can try disconnecting the Air pipe to it and putting a bolt in the end, if this cures it thats your problem. The other Problem quite common with the HDI's is the MAF sensor.

EGR is usually located at the back in the middle left of the engine....