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US 1966 Mustang - Shipping in a Classic

Around the middle of September a car I bought in the States will arrive here, a 66 Mustang Convertible. It is Black , manual 289" Edelbrock with a power top. looks stunning in the pics.

I bought it for a very reasonable sum, shipping included. My queries ; These older cars attract a VAT exemption, or perhaps just 5% as being older than 30 years , any specific info on this , and, anywhere recommended for the SVA / Light conversion,presumably the speedo doesn't change as already in miles, unless their ' miles ' are different as per their gallons ? Do I need reverse and fog lights fitted ? . Based in North London


elekie&a/c doctor    on 7 August 2014

Take a look Sva no longer exists.Reverse lights are not required at all and rear fogs are reqd on cars registered after 1980.The headlights will be a an easy swap.The only issue may be if it has red rear indicator lamps,the Iva testers can get awkward about these.

motorprop    on 8 August 2014

Thanks for this reply... the link leads to nowhere , just a ' page not found ' result

Happy Blue!    on 8 August 2014

Wackyracer    on 8 August 2014


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