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Ian Callum's Jaguar MK2. Enhanced or ruined?

Ian Callum's Jaguar MK2.


oldroverboy.    on 28 August 2014


craig-pd130    on 28 August 2014

Reminds me of the Mk2s that are converted for classic racing - I don't think it looks too bad but then again Mk2s never really did it for me.

Manatee    on 28 August 2014

Love it.

I did get a ride in a restored 340 a few weeks ago, and loved that too; but Callum's car isn't supposed to be a replica.

The-Mechanic    on 29 August 2014

I like it.

Tasteful, sensible mods that don't detract from the classic shape of the Mk II so its still recognisable. There's no "re imagining" or radical changes to the overall shape like some modified classics.

If it was roof chopped, widened and a rediculous body kit added then it'd be hideous. Thankfully he didn't go this route so IMHO, well done to him.

Sofa Spud    on 29 August 2014

It looks like what it is - a modified Mk2 Jaguar. It looks tasteful - for a modified car, that is - and it's probably beautifully done.

I wonder if they would make a Daimler version, complete with a updated Daimler-Turner 2.5 V8 !!!

RT    on 29 August 2014

Changed the engine, changed the rear suspension to IRS - makes it an "S" type doesn't it ?

Avant    on 29 August 2014

It's a re-creation rather than a replica, isn't it. Ian Callum is hugely talented and I'm sure it'll have been done with great care and attention to detail.

I like what I can see of it.

Happy Blue!    on 29 August 2014

Sorry. Not convinced. It's too chavvy for me; not elegant enough. Integrating bumpers into a car not designed to have such things never works. I can see what he is ttying to do, but it needs toning down.

mike hannon    on 30 August 2014

Speaking as a former Mk 2 owner I reckon it looks a better job than Jaguar managed with the 'modern' S-type.

Doing all those mods and then leaving the 'leaper' on the bonnet looks faintly ridiculous though.

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