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February 2014

Jorge Santos

The onboard computer was only 190£... And that hedious dashboard more than 500£? Read more


brilliant cars! roomy, peppy, reliable and not prone to rust. owned a 55 and a 45, both excellent! Read more


"Not prone to rust"??!!??


There was in fact only one 'Classic Formula 3' car on the HSCC stand. Indeed that was the Brabham BT41. The Terrier was shown by the FJHRC in association with the HSCC and the Lotus 69 is a 1971 Formula 2 car representing the HSCC International Historic Formula 2 Championship. Read more


So they did know what they were doing! Shame It was too late by the time this came out. Read more

Tom W

..At 9:09 - So it was all HER fault! Collapse of the entire industry. Pity.


What goes around, comes around. Read more

Que Bravo

Good Article. I know my friends and family look at me oddly after I talk endlessly about my 924S, or the car in general. It is a brilliant misunderstood car, not just another icon of the 1980's. Read more

Esther an

Approximately over 40 students take part it this competition to provide poster for a silver flag which is a great achievement. I am using this service to do my assignment and I think it is the most trusted source. Read more


For an IAM driver, he was a bit provocative coming up behind the Sunbeam Rapier. I'm not surprised he got two fingers! Read more

Sam M

But it's OK because he's got a Jaaaaaaaaaaaag.


customs gone bad! Read more