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October 2014


Eat your heart out Bobbin





The worst car I have ever owned was an MG1100. It was seven years old with just 50,000 miles on the clock when I bought it from my girlfriends father. The engine was quite lively but the brakes were useless, the steering very low geared and just about everything possible went wrong with it. The rear subframe collapsed, quickly followed by a CV joint and a head gasket, then the gearbox casing cracked leaving the car stuck in top gear and needing a new gearbox. All within one year of ownership. I got rid of it as soon as possible but it left me almost broke! Read more


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HJ 2013

Classic ! rubbish new rubbish now Read more


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Model Flyer

The Princess 1800 wasa great car for the time but did suffer from rust as did most makes . Very economical family car and a good commuter vehicle . Read more


I used to be a BMC/BL loyalist and had an Austin A40 Cambridge (1956 model, column change, 1200cc side-valve engine); Austin A60 Cambridge (sheer luxury!); Austin 1800 (massive interior space, hard to work on - Issigonis said ease of maintenance wasn't a factor in the design!); Austin Maxi 1750 late model, most of the problems sorted by then but prone to crankshaft oil seal leaks on to the clutch plate). Used to drive Marina 1800TC's as Police Area Cars - quite lively but engines used to get very hot and smelly when driven hard. In the memorable words of a colleague 'handles like a Hovis loaf'!


The original ad. was better. If my memory serves me, it was in the national press in June 1973 and showed a Dolomite Sprint and an Alfa Romeo, with a caption against the Dolly '118mph round MIRA'. My friend persuaded his mother to buy one in July 1973, which made her the fastest GP in Barnsley at the time! Read more


the pass rate for a 1984 car is currently 55.7%. so that means that 44.3% fail, is that a good enough percentage. You state that it is the same as 2002 cars so why are we still testing them. Will you be able to get insurance on an un MOT'd car? in the event of an accident how would you stand if it was found unroadworthy? Read more


I wonder how many failed MOT's are because it has been submitted fior test to see what needs doing to it. I know quite a few people do this.


A stupid idea.
MOT's are a good thing, even more so as a vehicle gets older. In fact I believe that all cars should be subject to an MOT, from one year old onwards. Read more

Roger Morrell

Any news or update on the proposed change to MOT exemption?


Love you Quentin! Read more


Volvo as always for life!! ( Read more