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Classic ad of the week: MG 1100

Whenever MG launched a new model based around an existing saloon, traditionalists tended to complain. But the fact remains that models like the 1100/1300 of 1962-73 were very popular with buyers – in this case, selling 189,958 examples during that eleven-year career. 

Back in 1964, when this brochure was issued, BMC had to perform a balancing act, highlighting the MG 1100’s advanced features like front-wheel drive, whilst also stressing its credentials as a proper MG: ‘The MG1100 utilises the most advanced engineering technique to pack high performance, comfort, safety and spaciousness into a stylish car of compact dimensions,’ it said.

The fun loving folk shown throughout the brochure certainly seemed to be enjoying their MG 1100s. No wonder BMC was happy to boast that its latest model was ‘The most advanced small car in the world’. They even went to great lengths to make sure ’er indoors didn’t feel left out when it came to car buying, stressing that your nearest dealer could offer a test drive and ‘discuss the colour range with you – or your wife’. How thoughtful.

MG 1100 Pic 1


V8    on 1 November 2014

The worst car I have ever owned was an MG1100. It was seven years old with just 50,000 miles on the clock when I bought it from my girlfriends father. The engine was quite lively but the brakes were useless, the steering very low geared and just about everything possible went wrong with it. The rear subframe collapsed, quickly followed by a CV joint and a head gasket, then the gearbox casing cracked leaving the car stuck in top gear and needing a new gearbox. All within one year of ownership. I got rid of it as soon as possible but it left me almost broke!

AmyWicklund    on 27 May 2021

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