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Two classics

Eat your heart out Bobbin


*She won't buy a new car until she has worn her old one out and it is still in new condition. After all it is only 84 years old (the car that is) and, oh yes - the lady.....she's101!!!).

*This lady's car is a 1930 Packard. What a pleasant and spry lady she is! Take notice *

In the video that she lays a shop rag on the running board to step onto when she gets in and out of the car. Then after she is in the car, she leans all the way down to the running-board to get the rag. She is in great physical and mental shape for her age.

And the car is not in bad shape either!

Click on the link below to view this beautiful car and listen to this wonderful and seemingly



gordonbennet    on 30 October 2014

Cheers Hillman, they don't make 'em like that any more, either of them.

I notice the video was from 2011, i wonder if the two are still showing the youth how motoring should be.

mss1tw    on 30 October 2014


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