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December 2008


The Robin thread and my recent purchase of the Maxi just got me wondering if anyone else owns a "practical classic"... ie pre 1980 and not some fancy thing like an e type, just an ordinary run-of-the mill family car form the 50s/60s or 70s? Read more


I've owned a few Minis, and an Allegro and Marina. While I've no wish to go back to either the Aggro or Marina I can understand people who enjoy them for their individuality. Another Mini as a second car really appeals to me though - cheap tax and insurance, no problem with spares, and easy to fix. Sadly budget and family dictate otherwise, but I might just have another look on ebay....
Incidentally, no one seems to have mentioned the ultimate Practical Classic - a Series Land-Rover. I still miss the SIII 109 I had a few years ago.