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November 2002


Just checked the used value of my car on a well known price guide (I won't name it though). Apparently it is now worth £400 more than the same guide had valued it at 3 months ago. How does that work considering my car is a Mondeo, not a Ferrari? I think this company simply thinks of a number, doubles it etc to get its prices! Read more


Oh well, at least I've made a decent choice in which car to buy with regards to value for money for a change!


I've just started having a go at the 2nd Peugeot design contest where I've got to design a Retrofuturistic Peugeot.
I have to use the design of past Peugeot's (until 1970) as inspiration.

I haven't studied Peugeot very much before and I'm struggling with which Peugeot designs of the past REALLY stand out.
It's easy to do this with the Mini or the Ford T-Bird because it's easy to see what made them great - I can't see the point in designing something and nobody knowing what it is!

Which classic (pre-70's) Peugeot designs stand out to you lot??

Any help will be much appreciated!


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I'm a fan of the 1930's 402. Looked good as a saloon and there was a great looking convertable with a roof folding mechanism at least as clever as that on the 206.

It also had the headlights behind the radiator grille which is one retro styling cue that no-one seems to have tried yet.