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Peugeot Classics

I've just started having a go at the 2nd Peugeot design contest where I've got to design a Retrofuturistic Peugeot.
I have to use the design of past Peugeot's (until 1970) as inspiration.

I haven't studied Peugeot very much before and I'm struggling with which Peugeot designs of the past REALLY stand out.
It's easy to do this with the Mini or the Ford T-Bird because it's easy to see what made them great - I can't see the point in designing something and nobody knowing what it is!

Which classic (pre-70's) Peugeot designs stand out to you lot??

Any help will be much appreciated!



Harmattan    on 4 November 2002

1950s Peugeot 203 was aerodynamic, very attractive and reminiscent of the Beetle, Jowett Javelin and the smaller Renault 4CV. Many of these cars are still in daily use in France and in other countries.The pre-war 202 also had design features reminiscent of some of the great pre-war French coachbuilders who first put flowing line bodies on to much more expensive chassis. By the 1960s Peugeot, and other car companies, had turned to Pininfarina which is why there is a strong family resemblence between the Austin Morris Oxford/Westminsters and the Peugeot 404.

Slice    on 4 November 2002

I'm a fan of the 1930's 402. Looked good as a saloon and there was a great looking convertable with a roof folding mechanism at least as clever as that on the 206.

It also had the headlights behind the radiator grille which is one retro styling cue that no-one seems to have tried yet.

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