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Price guide variation

Just checked the used value of my car on a well known price guide (I won't name it though). Apparently it is now worth £400 more than the same guide had valued it at 3 months ago. How does that work considering my car is a Mondeo, not a Ferrari? I think this company simply thinks of a number, doubles it etc to get its prices!


Honestjohn    on 23 November 2002

Mondeos are going up because they became too cheap. And an honest price guide puts most things up November to January because that's the way it has been for the past 10 years. It may be neater to mark things down month on month, but it isn't what actually happens.


Miller    on 23 November 2002

Oh well, at least I've made a decent choice in which car to buy with regards to value for money for a change!

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