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December 2017

Peter McGuire

The Diet Coke version is a Ford Tansit Connect. Read more

Why do people change cars so often,I run mine until they are dead Read more

The Cloud Watcher

It's a generational thing. In 25-30 years time, many cars that are hum-drum today will be looked at as "classics".

I wouldn't consider the Ford Anglia to be a "classic", but many others would. Same for the Ford Granada or Audi 100. It's all about your personal perspective.



A great article as I think your enthusiasm for a forgotten Citroen which unfortunately currently finds itself homeless (too young to be a classic yet too old to be a modern car) really comes across and helps to publicise the early Xantia to a wider audience.

I would suggest the odd error has crept in and you may find the Car Club useful in this regard.


Phil Read more

Sam Boyd

I feel that the Citroen as is one of the best hatch backs EVER made had a few sòooooo reliable good in fuel handles a dream quick as well. And quite an attractive car.quite a luxury car for it's time , better car than my diesel Astra.mine had over 250000 when I sold it 1995 turbo still on the road.what a Car what a car if I could buy a new I would tomorrow.


What is the DoT thinking of? Complete madness to my mind. MOT exemption does no one any favours. I can forsee fastidious owners, that polish and pamper their cars, taking dangerous vehicles on the road, oblivious of serious corrosion or other life-threatening faults. I will still be taking my two 40+ year old cars for an annual test as I don't want to die or kill someone else in an unsafe vehicle. Read more

Dee Jay

I have a 50 year old Triumph Vitesse in mint condition, absolutely no rust anywhere and as new, however on its last service and MOT it was found to have a faulty rear brake, not a problem as such but I had no idea.
I will continue to have my car MOT'd for my own piece of mind and safety. I would also be concerned that in the event of an accident and not having an MOT my Insurance company would somehow use this as an excuse not to pay out.
As my car is insured for £20,000 I'm playing safe.

v112 declaration only includes-
"Vehicles manufactured or registered before 1st January 1960"
Will this change to "over 40 yrs old" on 20/5/18???? Read more


I'm renovating a 1973 imported and Nova registered motorcycle. It's not going to be ready for the road until late Summer, 2018. My question is whether I will still have to Mot the bike before I can get a registration.


My wife's cousin bought one. they were total Renault fans and had only Renault all their married life. She was a GP and he a director of British Steel retired.
we visited on e day and he had this ugly car. what is that said I. It is a Vel Satis and it has everything. He demonstrated its wonders.
I said that I hope you did not pay list price as it will depreciate faster than a Yugo.
He said we have a good deal with our dealer.
It was luxurious and had features that you can live without. It had a powerful V6 engine so drank juice but responded well. It was on te GP business so against taxN
A year or so later we visited and a Volvo sat on the drive a XC90. where is the Vel Satis? Gone. Too costly to run as I am retired and he got peanuts for it. Not a Renault fan now as they have no suitable vehicles. In fact Renault have left their fans behind. Read more

Adrian Thomas Wise

I had my Grenache Red one, the only 1 in UK
Utterly Superb!

Deborah O'Sullivan

Fantastic news!! Read more

Agave House

I wonder how many people are aware that the London mayor through the use of ULEZ expansion will force the scrappage of thousands of vehicles built before 2005 due to the Euro 4 petrol standard...?

Yes that's right folks because if you are unaware of the continuous insurance law people who have to leave their vehicle on the road because they do not have off street parking will in effect have no option but to get rid of their vehicle.. There's no talk of weekend amnesty, residential exemption or a scheme to retrofit petrol cars either, as for Diesels if your car is not Euro 6 it's heading for the scrap heap...for sure

This daily charge of £12.50 amounts to an annual cost of £3,000 to drive a car that doesn't meet the Euro 4 standard which means pretty much any car built in the 80s and 90s which includes a good proportion of vehicles which could be considered classic or coming classic.

And if you think it's just about inner London it's not it's about inside the M25 in the long run that's the plan for present he is trying to get approval for inside the North/South circular.

Now don't get me wrong I'm all for clean air but there's been no discussion over how to go about retrofitting vehicles because this is a clear attempt to sell more vehicles and generate VAT receipts for the government.. It's consumerism gone mad given the huge carbon footprint of producing a vehicle is better a vehicle stays on the road for 200000 miles rather than 100000 miles..

People have a very short time to oppose this as the consultation ends on the 28th of February 2018 so all those classic cars enthusiasts please get online and put your objection's not been publicised for a reason and spread the word fast !!

Protect vehicle heritage now before it's too late.

Peter McGuire

Volvo 240's and 700 series are really not much more boxier than their contemporaries. It's just they last longer so have become oddballs in this era of blob cars. Having owned 740 and 760 turbo wagons I can attest to their practicability and quality, let alone their excellent all round visibility when compared to modern SUV's with their miniscule rear windows. I presently own a 1989 780 Bertone Coupe, which does a fantastic job of combining the aforementioned boxiness and Italian style.. Read more

The current GTC Vxr is probably the best hot hatch since the GTE. The gtcis a better car in evey way, offing a fantastic drivers car and cruiser . However the GTE was a special car at a special time for hot hatches. (a bit like now actually) .

Mum had an xr3i her mate, our neighbour the GTE. . I have the lesser 200bhp gtc (vs the Vxr 280iirc),and the chassis and set up is just brilliant. The last gen 3 door astra Vxr is not a patch on the current GTC Vxr, (either is the old normal astea3 door vs the gtc, it's grown up alot)... Read more

Chris Gordon

I bought a silver Astra GTC SRi 1.4 turbo automatic from our local Vauxhall dealer 2 years ago with only 1400 yes that's right 1400 miles on the clock and they threw in mudflaps (a must for me) and fitted carpets for £11.000 and they treated the body with a special coating to protect the paintwork so you need never to polish the car again just wash and go! and I must say it goes like a bomb and is very economical if you're a sensible driver, my wife & I both love it best car we've ever owned