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January 2017


It pains me too! i was a parts manager in a dealership, and would still buy one, but must be realistic, any future models would have to beat Dacia pricing to succeed. Read more


Daf was front engine rear wheel drive with the CVT gear box ahead of the rear axle. NOT a rear engine car. Read more


Ditto. Front engine, rear wheel drive - near equal weight distribution front to back - just like BMW!

The DAF 44 was actually launched in 1967 - 50th anniversary this year.
The shade of yellow on this 44 for sale is not Mimosa yellow - that was on earlier DAFs. It's actually called Neona yellow.

It's a shame that the "old fable" and "joke" of a "giant rubber band" has been brought into this review. The Variomatic transmission was way ahead of its time, the transmission had two drive belts which were reinforced rubber toothed belts.

These mistakes aside, the car looks pretty good and deserves to be saved.

Check out www.dafownersclub.co.uk for facts and information, including spares etc.


I was talking to an American at a one week conference in London in 1980 who was selling his TR7 as soon as he got back to the US. He said the reliability was so bad, all American owners were trying to sell them. Pity, as it sold like hot cakes in the US to start with. Read more

b morris

I had a v8 from new . It had a terrific engine but the rest of the car fell to pieces . It leaked through the windscreen and the brakes were useless. My second worst car. The worst was an 1800 morris marina

john garnett

"A" reg 1984? my MG Metro is a "B" reg and documents state registered in 1984, also my mileage is 24273 miles genuine. Read more

Alex Lane

John, your 'B' reg was released in Aug '84, so the car in the article must have been registered Jan-Jul '84 to be 'A' reg



Not only does ol' 'slowhand' know his way around the fretboard he also knows his way around cars. And, when you look at F40 prices, this is a bit of a bargain. Not that I've got a spare £925,000 lying around.... Read more

Never heard before that this toyota had trashy engines in any possible way Read more



Only ever seen one parked on a kerbside in Paris. I thought it was a homemade job at first until I looked it up. Read more


I currently own a old Astra 1.7dti diesel van which has 225k miles. great little van and very reliable. I only do about 1000miles a year in it

BUT... Read more

Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}

An Astra Estate is the obvious choice, being the same as the van, but with glass side windows. As for finding one at your price, the small ads in the local paper maybe? But at £500 or less you need to be careful. Repair costs can easily exceed the value of the vehicle.
As for insurance, maybe there is a specialist broker who'd would cover a commercial vehicle as a private use one? There are a lot of smart VW Transporter based day vans evidently used as leisure vehicles.

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