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December 2006


Afternoon backroomers and merry xmas to you all. Over the christmas period I have been offered a TR7 for a couple of hundred quid (795). It needs a bit of bodywork and the interior is what what you would describe as well used, as its the convertable model and the hood has a slash repaired with gaffer tape. Its got about 5 months MOT on it. I have been thinking about taking it on as a winter project to get it into a reasonable condition for the summer. Anyone had any experience of TR7s (parts are available over the net) or any stories to tell.

Oh yeah I know that 70s BL products break down, but on a "classic" like this its all part of the fun & experience. Read more

John F

Thirteen years on and I've just found this old thread while idly searching 'TR7' in this section. I wonder if bacon&eggs ever got his TR7? Or is hopefully still alive?! Anyway, nothing else to add about my TR7, apart from consolidating its reputation as a well engineered reliable and durable fun car. 40 yrs old this month! It's still only done 71,000 miles and I've just checked the valve clearances - all acceptable and all but one within a thou of when checked at 30,000 umpteen years ago. Lesser MX5s have come and gone.....