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January 2006


In another thread, it has emerged that the word 'classic' is used generally and vaguely, most often to mean 'lovingly preserved or restored old car'. Excellent though such personal statements are, they blur the meaning of the word until it is lost.

A sort of consensus seems to have emerged. I would suggest eliminating all exotica and luxury cars, there being a good case for saying anything really expensive is a classic. The categories that suggest themselves are:

Production classic (examples: Model T Ford, first true mass produced car; late-30s Lancia Aprilia, steel monocoque, compact V4, rear non-synchromesh 4-speed transaxle, all independent suspension).

Styling classic, styling being important to many (examples: first Raymond Leowy pushme-pullyu Studebaker 1948?; DS Citroen).

Speed classic (examples: chain-drive Frazer Nash; Porsche 356: both oversteerers that do a lot with a little, cars with edge).

Plenty more where they came from of course. Let's not make it too complicated. Read more


Mine was free and only 26k miles but I still got rid of it. My father had bought it new (against my strong advice) and failed to check the front brakes for several weeks, so the fact it had drums had to be just accepted. He used to do his own mechanical work. One day when he was in the middle of changing the brake shoes, the local Conservative parliamentary candidate swept into his driveway and seized him heartily by the hand before noticing its condition. My father said the expression on the candidate's face was most rewarding.


Right lets go... one mans classic another mans dross... Is there any common ground?...
For instance got chatting to a owner of Vauxhall Viva at a classic car show, it was concours condition, even the carb was highly polished, to me it was about as interesting as watching paint dry. To him was the bees knees (my 1st car was a viva)
Next to him a Triumph stag more interesting if only to chat about its mechanical frailties... I could go on... come on folks lets have some input
Another point of note there used to be a excellent car show (note not used the word classic) by me in Llanberis (Snowdonia) and it was more a celibration of motoring
It had every thing from Hillman Minxes rubbing shoulders with XJ220'S dodge vipers astons new and old
Rather than rows & rows of teadeous BMC's & the like Read more


Ali kum salam Lud I supopose we could start a thread
as to cars that broke new ground & were inovative!
Go one someone!

I suppose it's my turn mm. I'll try if no one gets in first. Dark and cold here, almost envy you out there among the groaning swearing camels.