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September 2006

Forum NSU Ro80

I've realised a long held dream and purchased a "practical" classic (or perhaps not so given it has the Wankel engine), a 1974 Ro80 as once owned by Sir John Whitmore. I very much hope this is a vehicle which will appreciate in value, I see it as a long term investment and weekend project. Given that it cost only a little over £1000, It's something of a bargain classic in my eyes, especially given its good condition, MOT, tax and provenence.

Does anyone have any tips having owned/run one of these, or a weekend car in general? My father-in-law had one for ten years until 1986 and cant' wait to have a drive again. He's a keen restorer of classic bikes and is currently working on a rebuild of a 1971 Silver Shadow, so will be able to help me out. It will be kept garaged and I intend to insure it for 3000 miles a year on a classic policy. I've got a quote from Footman James for just over £140 a year (I'm 26). Any advice on other classic insurers to look at? This price does seem very reasonable though.

Sorry for allt he questions, but I'm very excited, and looking forward to collecting the car at the weekend. Read more


There's an RO 80 for sale a few miles from me right now, for £8K. It's been restored/refurbished, too.

[] NSU RO 80 in Saltburn[/url]


My daughter's employer has an old BMW he is fond of. Naturally she doesn't know what model. It is nearly 25 years old and he thinks it will become tax-exempt at that time.

I understand however that this may not be the case. Sorry to be ignorant, but does anyone know what this situation really is? I think I remember that the 25-year rule was amended. Read more


">I paid 2k for it 5 years ago<" Good price! I've thought about an MX5 as my 25k-per-year-work-car, I want to take advantage of global warming before the Gulf Stream switches off. But, an MX5? Still, perhaps I should cast aside my preconceptions and actually drive one ;-)

MGBs are good fun, probably the most user-friendly of all the classic Brits. The hard top misses the point, but it can still be a reliable choice, well, vaguely reliable when compared to some of the alternatives. Needs care and attention though. Frighteningly, some people still use MGBs for day to day motoring ;-0