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Austin 1300 - BMC Aseries oil

Hello, ive just purchased a 1972 austin 1300 to import to cyprus. I was wondering what oil i should use in it? bearing in mind the high temps here in Cyprus in summer 40 degrees is common in summer with winter around 6 degrees. Any advice welcolm.

Asked on 7 December 2017 by lancman

7 answers

elekie&a/c doctor    on 9 December 2017

Stick with the recommended 20/50 oil.Remember this oil also provides lubrication for the gearbox.

Andrew Greening    on 23 January 2019

Contact Classic Oils Ltd at Bicester Heritage on 01869 227062 ( 0044 ) if outside UK and they will be able to advise you as to the correct Grade of oil in High ambient temperature operation such as yours

RaineMan    on 3 March 2019

I would suggest contacting Millers Oils as they have a large classic range. There is a 20/50 specifically for when engines and gearboxes share the same oil. There is also a high performance version for classic Minis, CTV 20W50, that might be suitable for high summer. Also think about fitting an oil cooler - a Mini specialist should be able to advise you.

edlithgow    on 26 December 2020

Consult an oil grade/temperature chart, but for those temperatures (similar to Taiwan, which can, rarely, go a bit lower in "not summer") I'd seriously consider a straight grade SAE40, which won't get sheared down by the gears like a 20/50 will. I use a 50:50 blend of straight 40 with either 15W40 or 20/50. as a compromise. 20W50 is getting hard to find here in Taiwan but high quality 15W40 is still used by big trucks.

Edited by edlithgow on 26/12/2020 at 00:27

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