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July 2014


As it was founded on the need for substantial quantities of spare parts for the troubled BMC/BL car market, it is hardly surprising - there is no market left as most of the (forgettable) cars have long since been consigned to the breaker's yard.
It would have been fairer to have driven most of them straight there from the assembly line at Longbridge/Cowley and saved people the inevitable frustration of trying to run one...........
Red Robbo never even said 'mea culpa' / es tut mir leid.
Pip! Pip!
A C Simpson Read more

Ngaire Wadman

Why put the entry for the Renault Five in the past tense? Like thousands of other R5 lovers, I still own, drive, and thoroughly enjoy my Five. It's a great shame that they aren't produced still - the Clio has none of the personality of the Fabulous Five! Read more

Andrew Hosking

Agree - The Audi59/original VW Polo was a fine effort
127 Fiat would've been better with a hatch
Is this list too old to include Micra & Yaris?
205 & R5 were great - where is the UNO?
Corsa/Nova no thanks!!

Sulphur Man

Someone was talking about this at work the other day, and it sparked my memory of the minor furore at the time.

An Infamous Rover 600 commercial from 1997, which somehow got passed by ASA, before being hastily withdrawn after a public outcry. ... Read more


And no DRL's, think of the camels that could have been injured if they hadn't seen the car.

Pete Morley

Doh! No mention of the much loved Karmann Ghia, regarded by many including journalist Hannah Elliott as "a Great Starter Classic Car" Read more

Dan Walford

I put a lot of effort into Gloria . I hope she finds a good loving home.She will be missed Read more

Nik Cookson

Seemingly the number plate PEN 15 was at one time owned by Fiona Richmond. Indeed I once saw her driving the car it was attached to. Read more

Richard Twomey

Beware, glassfibre is not the only consideration. This Scimitar has a twin tube roll over bar alligned with the “B” post. This can be rotton at its base. It ends in a well that can fill with water if there are seal leaks around doors or windows. Also doors are hung on unprotected steel plate panels, that allow dropped door hinges. Chassis is strong, but there is a diagonal channel section running in front of the rear wheels. This channel fills with wet ud, and this item easily rots out.
A good one is a fabulous car, but because the glassfibre doesnot rot like so many steel cars of the period, serious weakening can be present, but not show until too late. Read more

Les Richards

Was the Marcos the one where the steering shaft actually routed inside the path taken by the fan belt round the pulleys?

Apart from one of those emergency fan belts that used to be available heaven knows what you did if the belt broke!

Ah, those were the days.