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Jobs lost as doors close at Unipart Automotive

Published 30 July 2014

Unipart Automotive, one of the UK’s biggest car parts suppliers, has gone into administration with the loss of 1200 jobs.

Based in Solihull, the company, which traded for several years as Partco, says it had been suffering years of financial stress.

Despite intensive efforts over the past few months, a buyer could not be found. In total, 33 out of 180 branches have been sold to rival companies, including Andrew Page and the Parts Alliance.

The Unipart Automotive distribution arm was sold by the Unipart Group in 2011, and was an entirely separate company.


Naveditor    on 29 July 2014

As it was founded on the need for substantial quantities of spare parts for the troubled BMC/BL car market, it is hardly surprising - there is no market left as most of the (forgettable) cars have long since been consigned to the breaker's yard.
It would have been fairer to have driven most of them straight there from the assembly line at Longbridge/Cowley and saved people the inevitable frustration of trying to run one...........
Red Robbo never even said 'mea culpa' / es tut mir leid.
Pip! Pip!
A C Simpson

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