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January 2014

Whether you are planning to buy an Acura, Land Cruiser, sometimes it is more economically sensible to invest in used cars instead of brand new models. The business of used cars in
India has witnessed a boom in recent times. Land Cruiser has established itself in the luxury car segment and has an enviable reputation as a sturdy yet stylish car. This makes the search for a specific model and price range easier.In order to assure the reliability and durability of used vehicles, you should buy luxury cars from certified dealers. All the cars under certified dealership
pass through stringent inspection and you will also get limited warranty and any other bonuses offered by the dealers. You may obtain your used Land Cruiser financed by the dealers of used cars. They also offer qualified loan experts along with a desired loan calculator where you can estimate your traditional finance payment. Car insurance schemes, maintenance and safety certifications are also offered by the car dealers of the used cars. Car buyers can choose from a variety of cars that will fit each and every driving taste and lifestyle. Those who have always wanted to drive a Land Cruiser, but were put off by the premium price can
choose a used Land Cruiser in order to save money.

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No mention of the Vauxhall Senator ? Mine is very happy up and down the roads of Essex and Cambridgeshire 4 times a week. Beats a few of the boy racers i meet at the lights as well :-) Read more

I bought an 06 XJR as a daily driver. It drives, beautifully and fast. Plus its aluminium, so no rust.
Everytime I walk away from it, I look back admiringly.


i had a 1985 first 1.8 model - the remarkable thing about it was the torque - this thing didn't recognise hills, it romped up them just as quick as on the flat. Never had a car like it. Read more

Didier Ziane

Sap{p}hire was a Sierra, wasn't it?

Johns Blackss

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Have you bowed down before the here and powerful Oz? No, I’m not referring to the fictional wizard from Dorothy’s magical land. I’m talking about mass-marketed medical guru and Oprah protégé, Dr. Oz. And while he may be powerful, the scientific community is not convinced that his recommendations are all that great.

Chris C

Brilliant. More please. Be a useful little project for somebody to video the same locations 75 years later? Read more


With the rise of dashcams I reckon we're going to be inundated by such footage, soon.

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the website, and be inspected by me to ensure consistently high
standards'. Read more

leslie mayers

hi fuss love watching car sos I have a 1967 morris minor 1000 2 door saloon in white with red interior. I had to get new vynal seat covers in red but can not find anyone who could supply me with matching paint for rear seats and door panel can you please help me les mayers email thanks les

Stuart Brown

Quick correction. Stuart Brown of 3D Engineering is actually Stuart Brown of 3D Engineers - Important in this Google driven world.

Re Steady. Did the work for cost as he is one of my heroes. Always read his motoring column in Car magazine. Therefore excited that this project has now become a real car. Read more

Sam Bee

Star of the show for me, lovely to see dreams coming to reality and caring work in progress!


All the classics are getting killed off by regulation.
- Beetle
- Type 2
- CitiGolf (mk1 Golf)
- Uno / Mille

Thank goodness we still have China producing ZXs and old Passats... Read more


I have a mk1 fiat uno 60s on eBay please look 360829806922