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'Car SOS's Fuzz Townshend launches Classic Friendly garage scheme

Published 10 January 2014

Fuzz Townshend, National Geographic Channel’s Car SOS presenter, has launched a new specialist network garage scheme called Classic Friendly. It sets out to offer cherished car owners a national network of quality garage services specialising in the servicing of pre-1960 cars.

Fuzz (right), along with FBHVC-approved service facility owner, Lee Reynolds created Classic Friendly to ensure classic car owners can confidently choose their garage, no matter what part of country they're in by searching an online directory of businesses. They devised the vehicle inspections scheme with a view to assisting motorists to maintain their cars at an optimum service condition and thus comply with the law.

According to Fuzz, the prime reason for the creation of the 'Classic Friendly' garage scheme was because of the number of cars on the road, which no longer legally require an annoual MoT inspection. He said: 'There may be owners getting out their pre-1960 cars, or considering using them, without actually inspecting them thoroughly or having them checked out beforehand. Garages participating in the Classic Friendly scheme will be listed on the website, and be inspected by me to ensure consistently high standards'.

There are currently more than 200,000 pre-1960 cars and motorcycles in use on today’s roads. All vehicles checked-out by a Classic Friendly garage will receive a uniquely numbered certificate, displaying the basic overall results of the inspection. Inspectors log the results, which will be available to the vehicle's owner, as well as anyone invited to view the data - most notably classic car insurers.

In addition to pre-1960 vehicle safety checks, Classic Friendly also offers buyer’s and seller’s inspections, which includes coolant and brake fluid testing, paint thickness and condition reports and inspection of upholstery, chrome and badging. Fuzz added: 'all garages will receive highly visible logo (above), which clearly shows that the garage is well-versed in old cars. And although the scheme is aimed at pre-1960 cars, those with younger classics will also be attracted to these garages, safe in the knowledge their classic will be in safe hands.'

Garages that are members of Classic Friendly will adhere to a Code of Practice, which states, 'Our aim is to provide a network of knowledgeable and experienced classic car-friendly garages,' and includes points such as, 'to be professional and carry out inspections to the best of your ability,' and 'to be honest and fair.'


Garage Services    on 26 January 2014

Garages participating in the Classic Friendly scheme will be listed on
the website, and be inspected by me to ensure consistently high

Karen howell    on 1 March 2017

Dear Fuzz Townsend.

My name is Karen Howell, to cut a long story short my sister rang your Sos show few months back.
She took it you weren't interested so has told me, however my health has deteriorated quite dramatically over the past six months, I have a rare condition of Anaphylaxsis which basically is life threatening disease due to being allergic to many things.
My stag is like part of my little family but I haven't the resources or more importantly the energy to get her on the road again.
I would like to give my triumph stag to you as a gift as I know deep in my heart you would take care of her .and bring her looking her best ,which I'm not in a position now ever to do .

I'm so sorry I wouldn't be able to delivery her to you but you are more than welcome to collect her anytime.
My telephone no: 07722767096.
The only time I'm not home is when I'm having treatment in Oxford generally first week of every month, I'll be going next Monday 6/7 march but will be home from 8 th.

I would actually like it if I could talk to you on the phone or face to face to explain hers and my background.
Look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards

Karen Howell.

Eric Cartwright    on 29 May 2018

Hi Fuzz,

It's twelve months later did you get in touch and accept the lady's offer of the Stag?

Also hello Lee this is Eric that used to build your Citroen race car engines back in the day, that little 1600 16V with 200BHP is still one of my favourites.

Best regards,
Eric Cartwright

René Verschraeghen    on 17 December 2018

Hi Fuzz, I am in the middle of a complete body-off restoration of a DAIMLER SP250. I've seen in "Car SOS" that you know such a car very well. I'm interessted in the steering system which you changed. This "rack&pinion" system, which type is it? I mean, is it a new one? Or is it coming out of a donor car? Which car type?
Thanks in advance.
René Verschraeghen Terweststraat 44 Belgium

leslie mayers    on 19 March 2020

hi fuss love watching car sos I have a 1967 morris minor 1000 2 door saloon in white with red interior. I had to get new vynal seat covers in red but can not find anyone who could supply me with matching paint for rear seats and door panel can you please help me les mayers email thanks les

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