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March 2010


I don't know whether any of you remember a post I made a couple of months ago but I've just bought a 1955 Morris Minor which will arrive today.

I haven't taken my test yet but I'd like to insure it as soon as I can as I have a couple of friends that are prepared to brave the roads with me at the helm.... Read more


Thats true, insurance for an old classic car is so annoying :/



Got into a discussion at work today about what actually happened to many of the marques originally encompassed under the bL umbrella ( austin, Morris, Wolseley..etc) & thought it might be a good topic for discussion here.

Presumably Rover inherited the rights to these where are they now? included in the sale to the chinese? (i think they also got MG) Retained by bMW?... they must belong to sombody. Perhaps at some point in the future the Mini plant might be churning out retro versions of Morris itals :-) any thoughts?... Read more

mike hannon

i thought the Princess R had the b6 4-litre RR engine left over from the unsuccessful austin champ army jeep project?

My boss had a new one in 1966 as his company car and loved it. he was heartbroken when the firm finally forced him to turn it in in 1973 and only gave him enough finance to replace it with a citroen DS23!...