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October 2019

Stuart spicer

The W211 was supercharged... the W210 was not!! Read more


Could be an aftermarket mod?

Robin Johnson

the standard 2.0 litre had 130hp, not 150hp! Read more


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Great designer. Car designer is a very responsible profession, I should definitely read his book and take something new for myself. I am an aspiring designer and I want to work in the automotive industry and make history. But now I'm developing watch faces for Apple Watch and I took a few ideas from here ,this is no less responsible because many users will appreciate your work.


When my father-in-law gave up driving in 2008 he presented his K-reg Citroen ZX 1.9D automatic to my wife. Although slow off the mark, it cruised effortlessly and economically, riding far more smoothly and quietly than the Mazda CX-3 which we own today. It was the electrics which brought about it's downfall. We lived with the unreliable windows and central locking, but when the heater controls and half the instruments failed to illuminate at night it was the last straw. We could see the rev counter and the temperature gauge, but not the speedometer or the fuel gauge, and replacing the bulbs would have involved removing the steering wheel and the entire fascia panel. At this point the 2009 Scrappage Sheme was enacted, so the ZX became a £2000 deposit against a new Daihatsu Sirion, the most reliable super-mini most people have never heard of. As we parted with the ZX, my wife's last words to the salesman were "don't let anyone drive it at night!" Read more


Never had a ZX but drove many years with various 306's.

Fundamentally, it was the same vehicle but far prettier (Pininfarina style) and outsold the ZX hand over fist.

I hate to say it, but the ZX was the 306's ugly sister imo.


Car show of the London was worthy enough to attend. They have versatile ideas to share and we can also pursue essay writer service to get prepared for our final exams. All the cars were unique and of the updated model. Being the car lovers I really enjoyed that event. Read more

Datsun Dave

FIVA are a bunch of dinosaurs. An engine swap with petrol or diesel is fine, but the car ceases to be a classic the moment you put an electric powertrain in? What a load of rubbish. Read more


Like it or not, classic cars are an example of recycling - we're reusing stuff that was built years ago. Sure, they may not be 'cleanest' engines in the world, but given that the majority of classics do about 3000 miles a year, I'd say their environmental impact is limited. If someone wants to convert their classic MGB (or whatever) over to electric, why shouldn't they? Their car, their choice. No-one moans if they swap out a four-pot for a V8. If converting the odd classic to EV means keeping our heritage alive I'm all for it. Plus, FIVA might bark on about taking away privileges but don't EVs get tax breaks anyway? And the running costs would certainly be lower... At a time when the future of our hobby is under threat from scrappage schemes that take future classics off the road and crackdowns on emissions for vehicles entering city centres, FIVA sticking its nose in really doesn't help.


"Nice one guv"... Read more


Damn! Sold already.

These are SWEET cars, but big enough for a 2 meter tall driver like me,, simple enough for a teenager to maintain, and frugal.
I have owned 3 other 1.3's and they averaged 50mpg, as well as being sprightly enough to keep up with most modern cars.
I'm begining to wish I hadnt given the last one away. Read more

I love the MK 1 Luguna its a smooth car to drive, that has huge amount of boot space,
The car is not cluttered with annoying flashing screens and bleeping reversing sensors its car for driving not a P.C. on wheels.
modern cars have lost there souls, as they all are starting to look the same.
The MK 1 Luguna needs to be saved from the scrap heap as they are dispersing fast and they have a look that is unique. Read more