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May 2019

Chris C

Will 106's and Saxos with hideous Maxpower generation bodykits, wild paintjobs, stupidly large silencers and deafening audio systems, etc, become future classics for a nostalgic generation - currently out of fashion and worth diddly squat so potentially becoming very rare? Read more


How much does it cost to tax? Read more

The engines and drivetrain on these are bombproof, they are the chav chariot of choice all over Ireland and can regularly be seen performing donuts at many a road junction . The 6 cylinder motor sounds great especially with an exhaust upgrade.
Cheap rwd fun , just a shame about the people that steer them, if you ever visit Donegal in the North West of Ireland you'll understand my point. Read more

Roger Bird

Why don't you complain to Nominet that they are facilitating the scam by allowing a name that is clearly uour intellectual property.
You should also complain to Action Fraud that Nominet's policy of failing to provide the registrant's details facilitates scams such as this. Read more


Thanks Roger. We have reported it.

Chris Clement

I had a 1997 Laguna 1.8RT and found it to be superb on motorways, very quiet and smooth. Not the quickest but good enough. Around town ride was a bit unsettled but not uncomfortable. Never had any problems, it had 73k miles on it when I bought it, I changed the cambelt, an easy job, and serviced it. Renault went downhill with reliability with the early Mk2 but the later 2006 on facelift Mk2 was a good car. As a retired mechanic I never had a high opinion of Renault in the past but having owned many brands I’ve found Ford to be the worst and BMW are also terrible, but owners rarely admit it. A very underrated car the old Laguna. Read more

Good to know Chris Clement,

2 questions-
Reliability wise
What do you know if the espace MK4 ?
What do you know of the ford tourneo?




The Jaguar Mk IV's garish non-original colour scheme and non matching interior will hold the price back, but unless there are serious mechanical issues I would still expect it to exceed £10,000.

As the owner of a Rover 3.5 Litre Coupe I am encouraged by the estimate on Lot 259, but if money was no object my choice would be Lot 216, the Lagonda LG6. Read more