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A Grand Monday: Peugeot 406 3.0 V6 estate

Published 20 May 2019

Handsome, useful and beautifully equipped, this week’s star of the classifieds is one of the last truly great Peugeots - certainly until the brand’s recent return to form.

Not only is it a 406 estate - a car that, in its day, was one of the most useful load-luggers on the market - but it’s also the 3.0-litre V6 model with 210bhp on tap. 

Coupled to an automatic gearbox, it’s a beautifully smooth combination, and looks really quite upmarket in dark metallic grey.

And as for that interior? Well, just look at it…

Peugeot 406 (7)

With stacks of service history and an MoT good for almost a whole year, we can’t help but think this looks like pretty good value for £995. It’s the perfect family-friendly modern classic.


HandCart    on 24 May 2019

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