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March 2019


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Brendan Furlong

Remember the 2.0L JTS engine ?
Those who knew believed that the rated 165hp never was achieved even at the factory exit gate. Those who had them with 30,000 or so miles and put them on a dynamometer knew that 125hp was a more likely outcome. Flat top end that limited top-end performance. An unfortunate venture into direct injection. Otherwise absolutely brilliant to drive. Finally. let's not talk about timing belts...! Read more


I remember a test with the Toyota Landcruiser and others in its heyday where it was the only one that could traverse up a sand dune. It won hands down and was very much underrated compared to the Landcruiser and others. Read more

It's the 'thinkers' Landcruiser. Huge following outside landrover obsessed UK. 60's and 70's models worth big money in the states already. A beast.

Howard Buchanan

It makes you wonder what is going on here. Was there a long-term plan to preserve this MGB for investment purposes, or was the car's ownership in some way dysfunctional right from the start?

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Peter McGuire

Other cars would have done way better when you factor in inflation (400%).

Howard Buchanan

Another cryogenic car resurrected. Wonder what's the story behind this one? Read more

Peter McGuire

Employees will have to learn to gesticulate as they hand build the cars. Read more

SL R129s starting to tick up in price after you have had them on your front page! Read more


"Hear-Hear" - fabulous article ... .. and fabulous cars !! Read more


I'm pretty sure market for such car was small, but not unexistent. BWW 320 with a 6 cylinder engine has been sold for decades in the same market, so not a nonsense to sell it. By the way I'm struggling, in 2019, to find a LHD one...