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July 2019


About 1981 I hired a car from Hertz. I can't remember what car I actually booked but I got a Jetta instead. It wasn't a GTi but probably close to a base model.

I will never forget what happened soon after setting off. I was coming up to a roundabout on a dual carriageway and braked.

Nothing happened. I pressed much harder and some braking was felt. Hurtling rapidly to the point where I needed to stop, I floored the brake pedal as hard as possible. I just, just stopped before entering the roundabout where I was giving way.

I was twenty years old and learned to drive in a Ford Fiesta.I didn't own my own car. I had also driven my Dad's Maxi and my Father-in-law's Peugeot, not sure of the model, estate car.

I contacted Hertz and they told me that the braking was characteristic of the car. I was an avid reader of car magazines at the time and later read that VW had made a very crude conversion of the LHD car to RHD. A long extra mechanical lever was added which was downright dangerous.

So for me, Jetta has always meant, NEVER drive one again. My distrust of VWs lasted until I bought an Octavia twenty five years later. That was great ;O) Read more


I bought one from VW’s ‘ outlet’ store at Newport Pagnell in the 80’s. I used it every week from Oxford to Harrogate up and down the M1 for six months. It did not miss a beat. I had it for about 5 years, and didn’t even change a light bulb. The only problem was the complete coal black interior, which was a bit depressing after a while. However, the sheer joy of driving it more than made up for that. A great little car, but with a huge boot. So good for the growing family too. I loved it.

Terry Eiss

Lottery win and I'm there! Read more

Question Car identity

Can anyone take a guess at what car this is please?
Thanks! Read more

Tony Widdows

I think its a Vauxhall Chevete


I drove a few of these back in the day, from the basic 2.0 through to a police spec MV6 gun car; the V6's were really good fun to drive; surprisingly so for such a big car, but even the standard 2 litre was an OK cruiser.

The gun car speedo was calibrated in 1mph steps to 140 or 160 MPH (it was a long time ago), although I never drove one MUCH beyond motorway speed limits. Read more

Phil Birds

I think the second generation version of the Toyota Yaris SR will become a future classic... build quality on this model was outstanding and they still look fantastic!
Read more


The first sub series of Mark 1 (NW10) from 1997 to 2001 was not officially imported into Europe, but the second sub series (NW11) of 2001 to 2003 was. I had one from 2011 til 2016 and it was the most reliable and smooth running car I have ever owned now or since. It's main irritations were the harsh engine noise when accelerating moderately hard and the rather jerky change ups. Servicing by Toyota was dear too.

Lee Power

Wonder how many owners / mechanics actually bother to break out the grease gun to grease the suspension grease points? Read more


What's a grease gun?

Howard Millichap

The top spec was "Exclusive" not "Executive". I owned an 2000 HDi Exclusive for 12 years. It was advanced in so many ways for its day having things like rain sensing wipers, Hydractive suspension, climate control AND a sunroof and heated door mirrors & washer nozzles plus more. All things that are now common, but in its day were quite a spec sheet. It was a superb car and very reliable. Unfortunately rust along the sills forced me to move on. Read more



Once again a great thing to see the xantia featured in classic car section in honest john. Previously having featured on 1 Grand Monday feature.

As with the previous article there's a few errors and issues. The offer is always there for assistance from the Citroen Car Club to ensure greater accuracy.


CCC Xantia column


Despite the biggish engine in a lightish car, acceleration wasnt sprightly - at least not from the pedal; I found using the cruise control gave faster acceleration.

MPG wasnt wonderful either, I managed to squeeze 28mpg on a 125 mile Motorway run, potter around London, and 125 mile run back; the banker in the back was amazed, he had never bettered 24 mpg.

(I was chauffeuring him in his own car).

You are getting a lot of car for the money, but is it really worth buying?? Read more

Devon Dave

My experience of owning a 1999 example in 2006 wasn't good. Very prone to coil pack failures and bank account draining electrical faults occurred on an almost monthly basis!


Winner gets a giant orange baby balloon. Read more


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