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A Grand Monday: Jaguar S-TYPE 3.0 SE

Published 08 July 2019

It may not be remembered as Jaguar’s finest hour, but the 1998-on S-TYPE was one of the most significant models the company had ever produced.

Designed to compete against the likes of the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes E-Class, it was the first Jaguar to be wholly developed under Ford ownership and also took Jaguar into an area of the market from which it had been absent for 30 years. 

Sadly, the Ford influence also extended to the quality of the metal used on the S-TYPE’s sills and floors, which were as prone to corrosion in later life as the Mk6 Escort, leading to many an example falling prematurely by the wayside. 

Jaguar S-type (3)

The ones that have survived, however, are the good ones, and a quick glance at the service history of this week’s classified online bargain suggests that rot isn’t an issue. It has had a few MoT fails over the years, but none for corrosion. 

It looks very tidy and presentable, with an average mileage and smart grey leather interior, along with four months-worth of remaining MoT, while the 240bhp 3.0 V6 engine, albeit Ford-derived, is one of the best ever to appear in a small Jaguar saloon.

At £399, this one’s very hard to ignore - even if it lets itself down at the next test, it’s a nice car to smoke around in for a few months for minimal outlay. Get a couple of years out of it and it’s a classic bargain, and one that may even increase in value as numbers decrease further. 


Captain-Cretin    on 11 July 2019

Despite the biggish engine in a lightish car, acceleration wasnt sprightly - at least not from the pedal; I found using the cruise control gave faster acceleration.

MPG wasnt wonderful either, I managed to squeeze 28mpg on a 125 mile Motorway run, potter around London, and 125 mile run back; the banker in the back was amazed, he had never bettered 24 mpg.

(I was chauffeuring him in his own car).

You are getting a lot of car for the money, but is it really worth buying??

Devon Dave    on 23 July 2019

My experience of owning a 1999 example in 2006 wasn't good. Very prone to coil pack failures and bank account draining electrical faults occurred on an almost monthly basis!

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