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June 2019

Keith Pilkington

I am looking to provide my newly restored Triumph Herald that was my late fathers vehicle and had been stored away for decades. I have heard good reports about Dinitrol products but was wondering is Dinitrol 1000 better than Dinitrol ML? I would rather use the dinitrol 1000 due to being transparent, yet it notes that ML is more ideal for older cars when rust may already be present. I am a complete novice and learner when it comes to car restoration and rustproofing so any help and guidance is appreciated. Read more


On something like a Herald, which is well worth spending money on, I'd get some kind of endoscope gadget (USB ones now quite cheap) for checking internal spaces like box sections, and in that context the see-through stuff will give you warning if rust is making a return.

Sadly keeps going round and round by time wasters on ebay, very local to me and I would buy it but people keep on bidding it up and then not buying so I get outbid! Read more


13 careful vampire owners??


Great cars back in the day.BMW were making the best cars around back then.Had a great 535i sport until some sod nicked it,owned a 525i 1994 for a few years,nearly 200BHP and super smooth and quick with the auto box,leaves my current A4 2.0TDI for dead but uses twice as much fuel.The dealer loaned me a 518i when mine was in for a service,you could virtually climb into the engine bay with it it looked so lost in there,but it was perfectly ok. Read more

Thomas Frampton

Well bought that exact car half a year ago for £1995. About 2 months after this page was written it had a major MOT failure, now it’s almost a year since that mot and it passed with flying colours and passed a bmw service and inspection with no issues!


Doesn't anyone remember the 70's police drama style adverts? Read more

The Gingerous One

I think the same engine was also used in the Primera eGT. I had an M reg one and that went and handled very well. Again, very understated. But when was the last time I saw one ?? A very long time ago.....

Ahem, the Kitten was Reliants first 4 wheeler? Missing a big chunk of history there. Should fact-check such a bold statement before going to print... Read more


Before the Kitten, there was the Rebel, my family had estate versions of both.


These are among the most under rated cars of all time.Had a 1.6 SXI years back,sold it at 180,000,I still see it.Now have a 1.7CDTI as a runabout,going strong at 165,000.Good build quality and a fully galvanized body means they shouldn't rust,and many were built in the UK.Probably better than a MK4 Golf which i have had two of over the years,shows you what the 'experts' know. Easy enough to fix,only had to fork out a heady £300 for an alternator on my CDTI as it drives the vaccum for the steering pump and is a sod to fit.Apart from that,just routine maintanance. Read more


A friend of mine had one and while we slated him at the time for buying such an uninspired car (we were in our early 20s and he bought a 1.6 petrol in blue), we used it for several trips to the continent and it proved reliable, spacious, comfortable, quick enough with great handling. I wouldn't tell him now but it really was a very good car.


£300 for a valet? I am in the wrong job..... Read more


"The exterior styling was the work of Polish designer Imre Hazanic." His surname should be spelled Hasanic and he's from Yugoslavia. Read more

They would have been better off getting the welding finished/getting it road legal than spending time tatting up the chrome etc A used front beam is not expensive and would have cost less than the pointless wheel refurb (as the rest of the car was tatty) which he could have easily done himself or purchase some used alloys. All beetles rust but are easy to fix and all bits are available. I enjoy the show but do feel they work in an odd manner, the Alfa was an example, refurb the wheels, do the cambelt, then realise its rotten and scrap it without even removing the newly refurbished wheels?? Madness Read more


By not setting the world alight is the reason it has survived. Read more