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Triumph Herald - Is Dinitrol 1000 better than the ML cavity wax?

I am looking to provide my newly restored Triumph Herald that was my late fathers vehicle and had been stored away for decades. I have heard good reports about Dinitrol products but was wondering is Dinitrol 1000 better than Dinitrol ML? I would rather use the dinitrol 1000 due to being transparent, yet it notes that ML is more ideal for older cars when rust may already be present. I am a complete novice and learner when it comes to car restoration and rustproofing so any help and guidance is appreciated.


RaineMan    on 16 July 2019

I have no experience of these but have used Waxoyl over the years with good results.

edlithgow    on 4 July 2020

I'd use the see-through stuff. I used Waxoyl many years ago and didn't think much of it No access to such products in Taiwan so I use sunflower oil and motor oil with some apparent success, though it might grow mould in an unventilated cavity.

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